Thursday January 24th 2019


Surprisingly Stretchy Redux

Surprisingly Stretchy Redux »

Regular readers of this blog (um, are there any regular readers left, at this point?) know how much I love Jeny's Surprisingly Stretchy Bind-Off, AKA the [Read More]


Campaign for Wool Campaign for Wool »

Why were sheep grazing on London's Saville Row, famous for superb tailoring and the best in menswear, in October? They were part of Wool Week, the [Read More]

Every day is Mandela Day for Knit-A-Square Every day is Mandela Day for »

by Contributor JustDawne Hello again, readers of Another Long Yarn! It's been a few months since our KAL for Knit-A-Square and the creation of [Read More]

One week to go! One week to go! »

by Contributor JustDawne Raise your hand if you've enjoyed knitting for Knit-A-Square? I thought so! Our gallery wouldn't be filled with such [Read More]

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A Tangled Skein

Life is what happens…

...while you're making other plans. Well, you've probably noticed that, after saying I was back...I wasn't back. Life indeed threw a spanner into the [Read More]


A very pretty Caron free pattern! A very pretty Caron free »

I mean, is that pretty or what? This is Lisa Gentrys Shoulder Shawl for Caron's Simply [...]

New Teva Durham lace book! New Teva Durham lace book! »

Teva Durham's new Loop-D-Loop lace book is now in pre-order on Amazon! Durham will [...]

Quick Gift: Wham Bam Neckwarmer Quick Gift: Wham Bam »

I love clever patterns. I especially love clever patterns that take simple, easy shapes [...]


Keeping your hands soft

Hands-down (arf arf) my favorite hand creme. (And basically, I'm posting about it right now because I used a shop washroom and my hands are now feeling the pain of the soap from there.) Burt's Bees Almond Milk Beeswax Hand Creme. Smells lovely, if a bit strong. You don't [Read More]

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