Friday January 18th 2019

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Surprisingly Stretchy Redux »

Surprisingly Stretchy Redux

Regular readers of this blog (um, are there any regular readers left, at this point?) know how much I love Jeny's Surprisingly Stretchy Bind-Off, AKA the JSSBO. The lovely Jeny has now come up with another surprisingly stretchy bind-off, which looks a bit different (she calls it invisible) from the JSSBO. She calls it the Interlock Bind-off. It's in the latest edition of, one of my favorite knitting resources [...]

Quick Tip: Jeny’s SSBO »

Quick Tip: Jeny’s SSBO

I am just in the final stretches of my Christmas knitting, and once more marveling at the thing of beauty that is Jeny's Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off. I have just discovered that if your ribbing is not quite as tight as you like on your knitting, JSSBO can help winch it up at the edge if you knit it tight...yet it remains quite surprisingly stretchy, even knitting the bind-off really tightly. If you haven't tried JSSBO [...]

Quick Tip: Sl St edges »

Quick Tip: Sl St edges

A very common edge "for neatness" is to slip the last stitch of every row. This creates a stitch that's basically two rows tall and quite vertical, with the two "legs" of the stitch sitting neatly beside each other. This "slip the edge" thing used to mystify me. I knew other people could get it to look really nice, but it seemed like I never could, and I couldn't figure out why. I tried slipping as if to knit. I tried [...]

I-Cord on Seamed Edges »

I-Cord on Seamed Edges

One of my current favorite Yes-I'm-Going-To-Knit-That patterns is Let It Snow by Caroline Levander from the winter edition of Twist Collective. I love pillbox hats (although I have to be very careful with proportions, or it looks less than flattering on me), and Levander's design is elegant both from the design perspective and a mathematical one - all the work she put into figuring out the decreases show, [...]

Free PDF of Tips »

Free PDF of Tips

Knitting Daily is offering a very useful little PDF of knitting techniques for free! People often complain that Knitting Daily's blog is nothing but advertising, and yeah, a lot of times, it is, but that doesn't mean that sometimes there aren't some very useful things offered by them. (And their online blog is a useful repository to search if you're having a hard time finding information on a technique.) This little PDF [...]

Today’s Technique: Laugh it up! »

Today’s Technique: Laugh it up!

Over at The Panopticon, Franklin Habit is helping you out with that with his knitterly take on Twilight. Because, c'mon, let's face it, I know this might be a new idea, isn't all about stitching. Just sort of all about stitching. So make sure you take a bit of a break now and again. It's good for you, actually. Good for your eyesight, your posture, your whole body. Get out! Move around! Then come back to the [...]

Quick Tip: Weighing In »

Quick Tip: Weighing In

One of your handiest available tools as a knitter is a digital food scale; the kind you can get in any kitchen gadgets section of any well stocked grocery, department, or other store. You might even already have one in your kitchen. Get the kind that shows weights in various formats; the ones you'll need as a knitter are ounces and grams. (I've seen scales range anywhere from $10 to $50.) Also handy is the kind of scale [...]

Continental knitting, Austrian style »

Continental knitting, Austrian style

I knit by the English or throwing method. I can knit with two colors using both hands. But knitting straight-forward Continental has always eluded me. I knit fairly slowly (although I'm informed that I'm not as slow as I think), and would like to speed things up a bit so I can get projects done more quickly, and of course Continental streamlines up the knitting movement process, which means knitting faster. Peggy Stuart of [...]

Reverse Single Crochet, AKA Crab Stitch »

Reverse Single Crochet, AKA Crab Stitch

I was looking at a knitting magazine and spotted a top with a very pretty but subtle edging at neck, armholes, and bottom edge. The accompanying blurb said that it was finished with Reverse Single Crochet. I liked it, it was just a little bit lacey, a little bit stiffer than the body of knitting (so it made the edges firmer and added a tiny bit of flare). It's also a bit like a very light cording on the edge of the [...]

The Tulips Buttonhole »

The Tulips Buttonhole

The TECHKnitter's new buttonhole: the Tulips Buttonhole (so-called because the buttonhole has two lips that are symmetrical on the top and bottom). The buttonhole specifically solves the problem of buttonholes that need to successfully make it through the life of the garment, especially when the buttonhole has to contain one of the beautiful, heavy, hefty buttons that we so love to use on our hand-knitted creations. It's a [...]

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