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Vogue Knitting: Kitchener and beyond »

Vogue Knitting: Kitchener and beyond

The Spring/Summer 2010 VogueKnitting includes a tutorial on Kitchener stitch...and beyond. Joni Coniglio takes the knitter through all the basic steps of grafting with Kitchener stitch, plus introducing the knitter to grafting by chart, and also grafting any combination of knit and purl stitches, allowing grafting of colorwork, cables, textured stitches, etc. Very interesting, and a different take on a subject that [...]

Fixing loose columns of stitches »

Fixing loose columns of stitches

Yay, TechKnitter! Continuing on with her series of posts on how to fix uneven knitting, Post #3 is on fixing those loose columns of stitches you often get in ribbing or cables when you're moving from knit to purl in the stitch pattern. I've still been working on getting this done properly as I knit, as I'm not crazy about re-knitting things as a fix. ("Aw, c'mon, I already knit that!") My favorite at first read is [...]

QuickTip: match cast-on to bind-off »

QuickTip: match cast-on to bind-off

One thing that can really make a subtle but definite difference in how your project may look is that sometimes you really want the cast-on and bind-off to match. But which cast-on to use? Which bind-off? Here's how you can do it without hardly a thought! Use a crocheted provisional cast-on, whether you like to crochet a long chain and pick up and knit through the bumps in the back of the chain, or whether you like to [...]

Interweave Knits: Kitchener Stitch tutorials »

Interweave Knits: Kitchener Stitch tutorials

One of my favorite knitting resources/blogs, the TECHknitter blog, is touting her article in the Spring 2010 Interweave Knits, currently on the newstands. It's an article on Kitchener Stitch (grafting), in depth. As the TECHknitter herself explains: "Specifically, article shows how to use a tapestry needle to Kitchener stitch any fabric according to a formula, whether garter stitch, stockinette, reverse stockinette. In [...]

QuickTip: picking up purl stitches »

QuickTip: picking up purl stitches

One of the easiest things to do in knitting is to pick up or correct stitches a few rows (or more) of knitting back by using a crochet hook. It's also one of the most intimidating things for a new knitter to learn. It all looks so complicated and scary, and what if you can't pick it back up? If I drop the stitches down where I missed a stitch, will the entire garment blow up in my face or fall to pieces? This QT is one of [...]

Entrelac tee »

Entrelac tee

A very interesting post today in the Knitting Daily Blog, in a guest blogger appearance by Eunny Jang. The garment is Tram Nguyen's Betty's Tee, from the Spring 2010 Interweave Knits. I don't often buy this magazine, as I don't have a lot of room for magazines; I tend to buy single patterns instead off the Interweave website. But I might get this one anyway just for this garment. I've been wanting to try entrelac anyway, [...]

Solving Uneven St St »

Solving Uneven St St

Gosh. I love the TechKnitter. In the fight to make your knitting look hand-made instead of home-made, the TechKnitting blog is a fabulous weapon of mass destruction on your bad knitting habits. Two posts to study: Rowing out (uneven rows in stockinette stitch) and uneven columns (uneven columns in stockinette stitch). Uneven rows make your knitting look like this: And uneven columns make the knitting look like [...]

Japanese Three Needle Bind-Off »

Japanese Three Needle Bind-Off

The 3 Needle Bind-Off is a very neat, strong way of making a firm, stable bind-off and seam that will keep the seam from stretching out too much. (It's ideal for shoulder seams.) If yours is coming out a bit bulkier than you like, though, you might want to give the Japanese 3 Needle Bind Off a go. I couldn't find an already-written tutorial for this bind off -- drat! -- so I've had to get off my lazy butt and do one for [...]

Yarn Scraps? »

Yarn Scraps?

We all have 'em. You can't stand to just throw them out. But there's just not enough of them left to really do anything with. Our most precious yarns: once you've finished the project, you often have a little tiny ball left, and you can't bring yourself to, well, throw it out. (Ouch. That hurt.) They might be cashmere, they might be silk, they might be alpaca, or even just a beautiful color or color combination that you [...]

A No-Purl Garter Border »

A No-Purl Garter Border

The fiendishly clever Fleegle has worked out a way to get us a garter stitch border, knit in the round, with no need to purl. Now, I personally don't really mind purling, but if it's a particularly long border...okay, fine, being able to knit it all would be...nice. As usual, I found this while looking for something else. Now to get back to trying to find what I was looking for in the first place. This is still [...]

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