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Another Short Row tutorial »

Another Short Row tutorial

Kristeen Griffin-Grimes of French Girl Knits points us to another short-row tutorial, this one by Julie Weisenberger of Cocoknits. If you've ever been puzzled by instructions to make  yarn-overs at the start of a short-row after the turn, this is one for you. I like short-rows -- they make me feel like an accomplished knitter! While you're there, check out Julie's other patterns (including a beautiful wrap [...]

Cables to gush over »

Cables to gush over

I was going to write, "cables are hot," but really, do cables truly ever go completely out of fashion? Regardless of the vagaries of the catwalk, cables on Aran sweaters, home dec items, and other knitted objects are always popular, but cables are indeed out on the fashion forefront again. My first project as a real, live knitter (one year ago now) was a giant single cable scarf in Rowan's Big Wool (I giggle when I look at [...]

Increases with Theresa »

Increases with Theresa

The new Knitty is up! Hooray! And once again, the fabulous Theresa Vinson Stenersen has come up with another comprehensive technique tutorial, this time on increasing. She covers the YO, M1 (two versions), the bar, and raised increases. As always, lots of pictures and clear accompanying texts. Even on techniques I already know, I always learn something on a Theresa tutorial, even if it's simply how to write a good [...]

Tubular B/O 2×2 Rib »

Tubular B/O 2×2 Rib

My current favorite cast-on and bind-off/cast-off for ribbing is the tubular edging. This sewn bind-off does take a great deal of time to do, but the results are usually more than worth the effort, so I put up with it. A set-up row splits the knitting for double-knitting and you may then graft the set-up row together, or if appropriate, you can continue to double-knit for a few rows (called foundation rows) and then [...]

They. Match. Perfectly. »

They. Match. Perfectly.

Only another knitter who has worked with and struggled with working with self-patterning yarns will understand the absolutely miraculous, jaw-droppingly astounding accomplishment blogged by The Yarn Harlot on November 30, 2009. Only another knitter who has obsessed about getting those socks to look the same, those sleeves to knit up the same, for everything, in short, that is supposed to look the same as the other thing [...]

A surprise hit of color »

A surprise hit of color

Okay, you know that rhythm thing in design work? A lot of Fair Isle and other stranded color work incorporate repeating elements for their effect. And sometimes you really want that hypnotic repeating thing to be the effect you're after. And sometimes you don't. Color can be a way to create a rhythm-breaking element that adds a welcome surprise to the eye. Kate Gagnon Osborn's Heart Yoke Cardigan (Rav link) [...]

Fair Isle in small tubes »

Fair Isle in small tubes

Inside out. Definitely inside out. When you're doing Fair Isle (which more-or-less basically means two color stranded work, as in, all true Fair Isle work is two color stranded work, but not all two color stranded work is Fair Isle, or so they tell me), and you're working with small tubes, it can be really difficult to get the tension on the floats right. The floats want to tighten up across the "corners" of the tube, as [...]

Quick Gift: Tawashi ‘Candy’ »

Quick Gift: Tawashi ‘Candy’

I was cruising through CraftStylish just now, and ran across these crocheted tawashis. And one of those random connections happened.  It must be because Christmas is approaching. Linda Permann gives instructions for making these little cleaning scrubbies out of cotton. (You could probably find some nylon twine at the local hardware store if you want a slightly more abrasive one for pots and pans, which is closer to how [...]

Quick Gift: Man’s “Snood” »

Quick Gift: Man’s “Snood”

I have absolutely no clue why they've decided to call this scarf substitute a "snood." Or maybe that's "continued calling." Apparently it started by being worn on the man's head, which, shall we say, didn't exactly catch on in mainstream fashion.  (I'm wondering if it was what we called a rasta hat in school, only with an open end.) I'm not actually sure it's back, now, since to be back it would have once had to have been [...]

Knitting for dummies »

Knitting for dummies

I remember when the Dummies series of books first came out. (This is dating me heavily, isn't it.) They were a revelation - DIY for a cool, funnily ironic generation. They were well-organized, and they were written so that you didn't feel like you were stupid for not knowing how to do something. They covered everything from the ground up on their subjects. So, of course, there's a Knitting For Dummies book, a Knitting [...]

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