Friday January 18th 2019

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More short rows… »

More short rows…

Besides the TechKnitter's ongoing series on short rows (and they are indeed a thing of beauty), Fleegle has also come up with a short row tutorial that will have you getting out the needles to swatch ASAP. Among other things, Fleegle is a very clever writer and knitter who is responsible for a very clever version of the oh-so-popular Saartje's Booties pattern. (It is clever because it gets rid of the many ends that need to [...]

Chinese knot closures »

Chinese knot closures

Someone was asking about knitted closures for knitted garments a bit ago. Today's newsletter from Knitting Daily reminded me of their blog entry for a Chinese Knot made of i-cord, including a very simple frog. If you'd like to check out further and more intricate Chinese (and other) knots, the Chinese Knotting website is nice, and her blog is also quite good. I personally would recommend learning the knot on something [...]

Short Rows, TechKnitter style! »

Short Rows, TechKnitter style!

By now it's probably obvious that I am a huge and total fan of the TechKnitter. And, ladies and gentlemen, the TechKnitter has just started a series on her blog on short rows. If short rows have always been a bit of an Achilles heel for you and your knitting, or if you want to study up on the things before you get there, or you want to demystify them for yourself, or whatever, the TechKnitter has just begun the series, [...]

Quick Tip: Christa Giles’s YO increase »

Quick Tip: Christa Giles’s YO increase

In a Rav thread this afternoon, designer Christa Giles wrote about one of her favorite increases: YO, knit in the back of the YO on the next row. Lightweight, and as an extra plus, easy. I'd never thought of that, because somewhere in my little walnut brain I have just always thought eyelets when I think increases by yarnover, but now that Christa has mentioned it, I'm wondering why the heck I never did think of it. One of [...]

Quick Tip: Quick but impressive projects »

Quick Tip: Quick but impressive projects

Maybe you need a quick present that you really want to look nice, but you don't have a lot of time to make it in. And, did I say you really want it to look nice? Impressive even, perhaps? (Now, this is not a tip about how to find a pattern; I'm assuming you can get onto Ravelry or a pattern site all by your smart little self and find that. No, this is about how to make that fast, quick project look really fabulous and much [...]

Left Slanting Decreases »

Left Slanting Decreases

Are you tired yet of technique posts that compare different ways of doing the same things?  Me neither. One of my favorite blogs, Nona Knits, is sadly defunct, but still very useful. Waaaay back in 2006, she did a post (and contest) on left-slanting decreases that is really quite useful. I love stuff like this. Anyway, the best thing to do is to make your own swatch trying out all seven decreases for yourself. [...]

Crossing out the hole »

Crossing out the hole

Oh, I'm so happy the TechKnitter is back! Man, that woman's knitting smarts never cease to amaze me. This time what caught my eye was how to avoid a hole at the bottom of a vertical buttonhole. You cross the stitches at the bottom to help reinforce the opening. Lovely! The crossed stitches do leave a tiny little pucker, so you'd want to think carefully how to use this and when another method will work better. But it's [...]

Knitting backwards »

Knitting backwards

I just remembered: I swore that by the end of the year, I was going to learn to knit "backwards." Knitting backwards is used when you don't want to have to turn your work, usually in the middle of a row; so you would use it on non-wrapped shortrows, entrelac, bobbles, or in any situation where turning the work would be a big fat pain. Or even a little skinny pain -- whatever, the thing to do is to avoid pain. No pain, no [...]

Matching Yarnovers »

Matching Yarnovers

Yarnovers: how big are yours? In knitting, often it's the tiny little details that make a huge difference in whether the end product looks hand-made or home-made. Being able to adjust the size of your eyelets within your lace or other knitting can be key to beautiful knitting; elementary, perhaps, but often not even considered by many. You might want your eyelets to all be the same size, or you might want others within a [...]

No-gap circular knitting »

No-gap circular knitting

The TechKnitter's wonderful blog is stuffed full of all kinds of tips, and she has recently begun posting again after a hiatus. Yay! This particular tip is actually four tips in one: four ways to bind off circular knitting with various results with the infamous gap of the last stitch. The four ways are "the gappy default", the OK way, the good way, and the excellent way. Add this to the 3-in-1 TECHjoin, and, as God is [...]

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