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Quick Tip: Bread Tab Recycles »

Quick Tip: Bread Tab Recycles

Planet Green's Top Nine Things To Do with the plastic tab off of your bread wrappers, plus one very important knitterly use. 10. Martha Stewart recommends bread tabs for labeling electrical cords with the aid of your handy dandy permanent marker. 9. Stick the end of the tape roll to a bread tab and never have to search and destroy the first 1/4" of tape trying to find it again. 8. Poker chips. (Permanent [...]

Quick Tip: Picking up sts »

Quick Tip: Picking up sts

When picking up for sleeves, collars, or what have you, pick up stitches in every space. Count the stitches on your needles. Subtract the number of stitches you have from the number of stitches needed. Figure out how many stitches you need to decrease, and decrease evenly in the first row. (If picking up for a sleeve, you might wish to consider decreasing under the arm along an imaginary seamline for the first few rows, to [...]

Surprisingly Stretchy! »

Surprisingly Stretchy!

Jeny's Surprisingly Stretchy Bind-Off is featured in the new It's been well-vetted, and I'm looking forward to trying it out myself. I don't knit socks, but there's plenty of things I can use a good stretchy bind-off on (like hats). It's quite a pretty bind-off, too.

Navaho Plying in Hand Knitting »

Navaho Plying in Hand Knitting

Once you've been knitting (and shopping) for a while, you become really, really familiar with the phenomenon. There it was: a cone or two of beautiful, cobweb or laceweight or such silk or cashmere or something you couldn't resist at a price you couldn't resist. So you bought it. Now what do you do with it? Most of us just don't have the patience to make a garment from such fine thread and fine needles! And the thought of [...]

Knitting in Color »

Knitting in Color

Nanette Blanchard's blog, Knitting in Color, explains a great deal about stranded color work. If you've been wanting to get intarsia into your toolbox of techniques, if floats drive you mad, if knitting with three or more colors makes you suddenly feel like you're all thumbs, check out Knitting in Color. Three posts to get you started on basic intarsia knitting: Intarsia Part 1, Intarsia Part 2, and Intarsia (surprise!) [...]

Increases/Decreases »


Sometimes, it really helps to go over what one might consider the most basic of knitting techniques. The lovely Theresa Vinson Stenersen has a new article up at explaining all about decreases. If you'd like to brush up on your vocabulary of decreases, take a look. Another good resource for increases and decreases of all sorts can be found at, where the beauteous Amy has knit a particularly [...]

The Steeking Chronicles »

The Steeking Chronicles

Eunny Jang blogs on steeks. This'll give you confidence to take those scissors to your knitting. Heck, you might not even need the stiff drink. (Maybe.) Covers: Setting Up Steeks; Handling Color Changes • Planning and Placing Steeks; Handling Decreases in Fair Isle Knitting • The Traditional, Unreinforced Steek • The Hand-Sewn Steek • The Crocheted Steek •Putting It All Together; Working Sleeves; Blocking; [...]

Majoring in Lace »

Majoring in Lace

Eunny Jang's excellent, excellent, excellent treatise on lace knitting from her now-defunct but still ever so useful blog. (more...)

Another way to weave in ends »

Another way to weave in ends

Here's another way to weave the ends of yarn in behind your working stitches, while you knit, with a lot of photos -- it will eliminate the daunting task of facing weaving-in five thousand ends when you're doing a lot of colorwork; this is especially good when your un-spit-spliceable yarn is too thick to knit the ends in or use a Russian join. sockpr0n's Aija learned this technique from teacher Jennifer "JP" Pett-Ridge. [...]

Finishing »


Reader Connie has requested help finding finishing technique tutorials. "Finishing", when I come to think of it, is a rather catch-all term. When we say "finishing", sometimes we mean seaming, sometimes we mean binding off, sometimes we mean blocking, etc. But that quibble aside, here's some of the best online articles I've personally found (ie: the most helpful to me, and your mileage may definitely vary) on these [...]

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