Friday January 18th 2019

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Keeping your hands soft »

Keeping your hands soft

Hands-down (arf arf) my favorite hand creme. (And basically, I'm posting about it right now because I used a shop washroom and my hands are now feeling the pain of the soap from there.) Burt's Bees Almond Milk Beeswax Hand Creme. Smells lovely, if a bit strong. You don't need to use much. You can use it on your feet as well. And it's all natural. I like to keep a jar in my knitting bag. (Well, my knitting bag is also my [...]

Boye Needlemasters, only better »

Boye Needlemasters, only better

I've always wanted to get a set of Boye Needlemasters. Cheap (especially with the 40% off coupon). Nice tips. Huge range of sizes. But I've always been stopped by the horrible, horrible stories of the horrible, horrible cables. I am just not good dealing with bad cables, and the Boye cables are infamous for being the worst out of just about all of them. No longer a problem! Craftster user Rheatheylia shows you how [...]

iPad: a pattern workflow »

iPad: a pattern workflow

Okay, as promised, if a little late. After saying that I hadn't tried iAnnotate, I thought perhaps I should give it a go.  Pricey for an app ($9.99), you can use it to read PDFs if you like, or you can go ahead and use another reader such as GoodReader and then use iAnnotate to mark up your PDF. At this point, I tend to think that it was worth the $10. Why would you use GoodReader as well as iAnnotate? Well, from what [...]

Addi Clicks Lace: wait or buy? »

Addi Clicks Lace: wait or buy?

Well, at long last, the Addi Clicks Lace interchangeables are available for order! And a lot of people, including me, have been waiting for them. Should you buy now on pre-order or wait? If you're asking that question, you probably already have got the funds ready and waiting. But if it's a matter of what they're like, here's something to consider. The first generation of Clicks Lace needles will be about 4" long [...]

iPad: Document Reader apps »

iPad: Document Reader apps

Right, here's the second look at using the iPad in your knitterly or crocheterly life. Now, let's face it. For a stitcher, the important thing (if not the most important thing) is, how do I get my patterns onto the iPad, and how do I read them, and how good is it to use for reading patterns, really? Very very first thing. As you have probably already heard the iPad is a fingerprint magnet. Yes indeed. You will have [...]

iPad. *swoon* »

iPad. *swoon*

Well, after much dithering, I got an iPad. Top of the line, pots of memory, 3G. Yes, yes, as a matter of fact, I love it. For a lot of reasons, but this is a knitting blog, so I'm just going to talk (mainly) about the knitting stuff. However, let me start off by saying that when they first announced this device, I, like many others, thought, "yeah right, it's just an iPhone with a glandular problem and no actual [...]

Knitting and the Political Landscape »

Knitting and the Political Landscape

Quiet Revolution: Knitting and the Political Landscape Knitting as political art! The University of Minnesota is offering a week long course featuring experimentation in using knitting in unconventional ways to make your political point. Could be really interesting! Starts Sunday, June 13, and ends Friday, June 18 on the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities campus. Description Instructor: Adrienne Sloane Within [...]

Custom buttons »

Custom buttons

Today's Knitting Daily blog entry is on making matching custom buttons for your project, giving directions for the Checkerboard Button. Which is cute, but they have you make it out of cardboard. Which means you have to take the buttons off the project every time you wash it, or you'll end up with a soggy, shapeless mess instead of a button. Might be better to use quilter's template plastic (perhaps more than one layer), [...]

Fabric Care Tags »

Fabric Care Tags

Okay, I hate putting the label of the yarn skein in with a present. At least three times now, the giftee has held it out without looking at it, thinking I left it in by accident. But they need to know how to take care of it! Fine. Next knitted present gets one of these, available at Purlescence (of course) in the UK. I mean, look how cute! And how practical! Robynn's description: The reverse has space for fibre [...]

Really tough (and stealthy) DPNs »

Really tough (and stealthy) DPNs

One of the things interesting to every knitter I know who makes socks and other tubey kind of things using DPNs is the merits of all the DPNs out there, especially whether they break easily or not -- and even more especially when they're the tiny sizes. Here's DPNs made of, ready for this?, the same material as a Blackbird Stealth Jet's outer skin. (I'm thinking breaking shouldn't be too big of a problem with these.) The [...]

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