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DIY: Blocking Wires »

DIY: Blocking Wires

Okay, blocking with pins can be rather relaxing and meditative, but frankly? usually it's kind of a pain in the butt. You need lots of the pins. That's "lots" as in "hundreds of the pesky little things." Depending upon the size of your project, you might also end up with a sore back from bending over the blocking. You have to keep measuring back and forth to make sure you have everything as symmetrical as knitting ever gets, [...]

Rosewood. Interchangeable. Want. »

Rosewood. Interchangeable. Want.

Yes, I want them. And I don't even LIKE knitting on wood needles. So I'm going to be good. I think. The evil lovely Robynn of Purlesence is up to her usual tricks, dammit of course. She doesn't even have them in stock yet, but is still danging them, tantalizingly and temptingly and all those other words beginning with "T", before us. Here they are: Colonial's interchangeable needle set. Rosewood. Yup, rosewood. [...]

iPhone Pattern Trick »

iPhone Pattern Trick

I love my iPhone, and it's not even a new one -- it's a first generation iPhone. And I still love it. I have a PDF reader app that I use and am happy with, but sometimes it can be a bit of a bear to use, because I also often use a stitch counter program, plus I have my iPhone set to time out fairly quickly to save on battery life. Switching between apps, timing out, turning it back on, blah blah blah... Oh, it's all just a [...]

Intwined Pattern Studio »

Intwined Pattern Studio

Intwined announces a new pattern design software, Intwined Pattern Studio, which retails at $44.00. It's available for both Windows and Mac. Take a look at the feature list here, and watch a video of the program here. I don't see that it will help you to easily grade your pattern without re-entering a whole new set of measurements, but most designers would want to check the grading anyway. At such a low price [...]

Flying with Knitting Needles »

Flying with Knitting Needles

Okay, here's what I've been able to find so far that's officially official (as of 2 July 2010) on flying with knitting needles, and I'll be updating as I find more info. These are only the official rules and do not necessarily guarantee that you will or won't get your knitting onto the airplane. Keep in mind that these rules and regs are subject to change at any time. Before flying, click through to the links and [...]

The Walker Treasury Project »

The Walker Treasury Project

The problem with stitch dictionaries in print is that they're limited. By definition, a picture, preferably in color, needs to be included, and that means a large stitch dictionary is going to be a very pricey thing to print and publish, indeed. Barbara Walker's stitch dictionaries are classics of their kind, but the small black and white photos can keep knitters from seeing the potential of the stitch. So The Walker [...]

White Lies Style »

White Lies Style

Joan McGowan-Michael of White Lies Designs wants to help you wear her designs with panache and gobs of style. Her new Styling Guide entries on the White Lies Knits! blog are really well done -- giving examples and pictures of a way to wear each of her designs, most of which are retro or vintage in design, complete with accessories and jewelry. She's clearly put a lot of work and thought into each entry, and I have really [...]

The Little eBook of Knitting Stitches »

The Little eBook of Knitting Stitches

Here's a nice and also useful little freebie. This one I found while looking at one of the Enabling posts o' the week, from Derya Davenport of Laylock. She's offering it for a subscription to her blog, or if you don't want to subscribe, just write her and ask for it. There are six stitch patterns, chosen by Derya to highlight texture and pattern. Each of the stitch patterns has a picture of both the right and wrong [...]

25 Best Places to find Free Patterns »

25 Best Places to find Free Patterns

Have you got all of these on your bookmark lists already? I didn't. One of the moderators on posted Open University's list of the 25 best places to find free knitting patterns today. Most are no surprise (Ravelry and Knitty are the first two on the list), but I still found some new-to-me sources. Weirdly, another place I've found some pretty seriously cool free knitting patterns is on online newspaper [...]

Through the wardrobe… »

Through the wardrobe…

Make your own yarn? Hmmm. Okay, Yarnia is more like, wind your own choice of fibers together until they equal the yarn weight of your choice, but that's close enough. It's not plied together, so what you get is loosely parallelled single plies and so I'm not sure that really does equal yarn in a pedantic sense, but it does come off the cone more or less together, and you do get used to this sort of yarn after working with [...]

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