Friday January 18th 2019

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The Fibersphere »

The Fibersphere

The Fibersphere does what it says it does on the package. They protect those balls of yarn which would normally roll around in your project bag or on the sofa, where they would normally tempt your cat(s) to start patting and then chewing. You ball up your yarn. (The spheres come in two different diameters, 7" and 5".) You pop the balls into the spheres and close the cover, making sure the yarn is feeding through the [...]

The Phiculator »

The Phiculator

Stripes, the proportions of a handbag or knitting bag, the motif to the size of the's always a bit of a struggle to "get it right" -- but we all know when it does look right, and when it looks...just wrong. If you've ever wondered why that is, it's...well, it's actually a tricky subject involving many different areas, from mathematics, the way our brains work and see things, and sociology. One method of [...]

Russell’s Knitting Alphabet »

Russell’s Knitting Alphabet

Freeware alert! Julie over at pointed out a standalone freeware program, Russell's Knitting Alphabet, that will allow you to type in words and get a chart of those words. It should run under any 32-bit version of Windows: 95, 98, ME, 2000, or XP. Features include adjustment of the stitch options (spacing between words, choice of two different versions of the font, etc.) and the display and print [...]

Yarn Bowls »

Yarn Bowls

A lot of knitters have been talking about yarn bowls recently. I unfortunately will not be able to try them out myself until I settle down a bit more permanently somewhere, but when I do, I'll probably look for something like one of these. (A bit of a problem to put in my suitcase.) They keep your yarn clean, they keep it feeding evenly (the holes with slots are better than just holes: hard to take your knitting off with [...]

Organic, eco-friendly yarn »

Organic, eco-friendly yarn

People are trying to live a little more lightly on the earth. Changing out your lightbulbs for greener bulbs can have an enormous impact on your power bill and the call for power in your community. Eating local produce not only supports producers in your area, but lessens the carbon footprint of your household. Bicycling or using mass transit means less use of fossil fuels and pollution of your air (and more calories [...]

Developing color combinations »

Developing color combinations

Is this really a tool? Maybe not. It's probably more like, you know, inspiration. I suppose you could make a case that inspiration itself is a tool, since you can sharpen and refine it and use it to make better knitting. But anyway, here's a picture of a work table from Noro's industrial yarns website, where they're developing new color combinations. The longer I looked at it, the more ideas I got. I hope you will, too. [...]

More “talking” markers! »

More “talking” markers!

Okay, these stitch markers do not have the same level of hand-crafted cool that our previous Enablement markers had, but still, they're pretty cute, and quite useful. From the marketing materials: "StitchDots™ "talk" to knitters and crocheters with words and symbols imprinted on each marker. Use the "Start" marker to identify the beginning of your row and the "End" marker to do the opposite. Use the RS and WS markers to [...]

But, it doesn’t have a chart… »

But, it doesn’t have a chart…

A lot of knitters like working from charts. Some knitters like working from charts so much that they will actually avoid patterns that don't have charts. Let's say that you're one of these knitters, and now, quel horreurs, you have absolutely fallen in lust with a pattern...but there's no chart. Or perhaps you're a knitter who has been shyly wishing that you could use charts, but every time you look at one, the [...]

Must. Have. Markers. »

Must. Have. Markers.

It is not true that everything I've learned, I've learned from blogs, but what is true is that every time I go on what's meant to be a nice relaxing ferret through my favorite blogs, I find something to buy. This time it's Franklin and his Panopticon, blogging about these informative stitch markers.     You can remind yourself which stitch to do on your raglan seams.         [...]

On the Go: GoKnit Pouch »

On the Go: GoKnit Pouch

This is, frankly, one of those things about which you initially think, "I can do without that"...until you've tried one. And then you think, "how did I organize my knitting life without one of these?" In the fight to knit wherever you will yet keep your yarn and project clean and organized, the GoKnit bag is a winner. The KnowKnits GoKnit project bag is extremely (and deceptively) simple. All of the little details are [...]

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