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Quick Tip: Bread Tab Recycles »

Quick Tip: Bread Tab Recycles

Planet Green's Top Nine Things To Do with the plastic tab off of your bread wrappers, plus one very important knitterly use. 10. Martha Stewart recommends bread tabs for labeling electrical cords with the aid of your handy dandy permanent marker. 9. Stick the end of the tape roll to a bread tab and never have to search and destroy the first 1/4" of tape trying to find it again. 8. Poker chips. (Permanent [...]

All about Ply »

All about Ply

Ply. Twist. Balance. Bias. Stitchers work mainly (in 98.9% of cases -- okay, I just made up that number, but I think it's probably close) with yarn. Yet often many stitchers don't really know that much about the yarn they work with -- sometimes they turn into spinners and learn, and sometimes/usually they don't. And if you're working with hand-spun yarns, it's even more important to know about the qualities of your yarn [...]

Rowan Free Patterns »

Rowan Free Patterns

I love Rowan Yarns. I also love free patterns. Rowan's got some really nice ones on their website. If you haven't taken a look, I highly recommend doing so! I particularly like their Studio patterns. Very stylish. I'm thinking of making Kim (from Rowan Studio issue 1, pictured to the left) in a dark grey cashmere, perhaps adding i-cord straps, perhaps not. I think it looks great without straps, but I don't particularly want [...]

Bamboo+oil: Woodn’t you? »

Bamboo+oil: Woodn’t you?

During some discussions of working with cashmere yarns that were oiled for industrial use, some of the knitters mentioned that the oil on the fiber made their bamboo or other wood needles really lovely and slick, and what kind of oil was it? Richard Lawn of Colourmart in the UK, which sells cashmere and other high-end fibre remainder yarns, says that the oil used on the yarns is silicone wax. (And, btw, I highly recommend [...]

Lifelong learning: yarn & mills »

Lifelong learning: yarn & mills

Here's a fascinating reference book from 1906: the International Correspondence School's textbook on Yarn, Cloth Rooms, Mill Engineering, Reeling and Baling, and Winding (PDF, 9.3MB). For most of us, the section on yarn and fiber characteristics will be the most interesting, but if you also would like to read up on how to build an effective mill building (complete with instruction on how to instruct your masons in the [...]

Knitting graph paper generator »

Knitting graph paper generator

Need some knitting graph paper? If you've ever tried charting out a pattern on regular old square graph paper, you know that when you tried knitting from your graph, it came out...weird. This is likely because a knitted stitch isn't actually square. It's wider than it is tall. You'll need an asymmetrical graph paper. Enter Incompetech (among others), offering you all kinds of unusual graph papers, including asymmetrical [...]

Color, 2010/2011 »

Color, 2010/2011

Color forecasts for Autumn/Winter, 2010/2011 from Plan ahead now to keep your pattern graphics and fashion-forward garments looking fresher for longer.

A truly portable swift »

A truly portable swift

Okay.  I am now the proud owner of six cones of a most delicious dark grey cashmere DK yarn. It's on the cone and still oiled for industrial knitting on machines. And now I have a choice: knit it up oiled and then wash it to get the oil out and get the yarn to bloom, which makes a gorgeous, soft fabric with the yarn poofing out to make the knitting look much, much better than my usual knitting, or to skein the whole thing [...]

Random stripes »

Random stripes

A "random" looking series of stripes can be harder than you think -- we tend to come down on the side of balanced and regular, somewhat naturally.  To the rescue, The Random Stripe Generator.  Pick your colors, pick the row counts, the total row number you want the stripes to occur over, and voilá, randomness of the stripey variety happens. Now, how thick should your stripes be? A lot of designers use the Fibonacci [...]

Test your color acuity »

Test your color acuity

Okay, I know I swore when I started this up that I was going to take weekends off, but this one is just too much fun! 1 out of 255 women and 1 out of 12 men have some form of color vision deficiency.  X-rite's color acuity test is a lot of fun to take, although of course your results may vary depending not on just your color acuity, but also how good your monitor is.  So I wouldn't take it TOO seriously, but it's [...]

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