Friday January 18th 2019

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Cheap, easy dress forms! »

Cheap, easy dress forms!

Once you've worked with a dress form, you'll be hooked. The only problems are that dress forms are expensive, hard to store easily, and are difficult to change for another size if your body changes size (as bodies often do). Threads Magazine, one of my favorite sewing resources from one of my favorite publishing houses (Taunton Press), to the rescue! Make yourself a dress form. It will cost you the price of some papier [...]

Recycling yarn »

Recycling yarn

I am quite pleased with myself. I've been making these cute little cupcakes, but they've been taking forever because I only work on them when I go to the caf for coffee.  I wanted to put little "frosting" flowers on one.  Well, not as easy as you think, because one, the general yarn selection (unless you want Donegal Tweed yarn) in Dingle could be charitably called "poor", and two, even though all I need is a few yards, [...]

Using Excel for knitting charts »

Using Excel for knitting charts

Among all the other patterns, fantastic resources, and just plain knit-candy found on designer Marnie MacLean's website, she has several posts on using Excel for making up knitting charts, calculating multi-size patterns, creating colorwork, and pattern writing. So until you decide to pop for Knit Visualizer or want something more complicated than the wonderful (and free) VisiKnit, if you already have Excel, start [...]

Sizing Charts »

Two of the most useful size charts ever for knitters and designers: designer Ysolda Teague's incredibly useful sizing chart for women, which was put together using the Craft Yarn Council's chart plus the British Industry Standard chart, and the CYC's charts for women, men, and children, plus head and foot sizes. What I particularly like about Ysolda's chart is that she offers a back width measurement -- the measurement [...]

Find it — Knit it »

Find it — Knit it

A new resource for knitters: KnitFinder.  If you feel Rav searches for a pattern are too broad, this might narrow it down for you.  They include the indexes for Knitty, Interweave, and (Alice and Jade) Starmore; so that's easily over 2000 patterns. From their About Us page: What an exciting time to be a knitter! An explosion of publishing and creativity has produced new magazines, designers, and resources, and [...]

The Knitting Fool »

all pictures © Elaine J. Lyons, The Knitting Fool I'm on the road, I only have so much room (ie: none) for patterns and stitch dictionaries. To the rescue: The Knitting Fool, aka Elaine Lyons -- who provides me with over 2000 stitch patterns (by number of sts! by row count! by category! with pictures!), AND online calculators for four kinds of knitted garments, AND an online sweater wheel, PLUS a translation [...]

Color fun »

Color fun

Color work is hot these days.  Well, I suppose they say that every season, actually, but there is a lot of color work in knitting right now. Anyway, here's a fun little tool: the Color Scheme Randomizer.  If you're looking for some inspiration, this little puppy of a program-lette will randomize from about 16 million different colors and present you with three colors in a little palette of a background, secondary, and [...]

Curvy Waist Shape Calculator »

  I love online calculators. This one might have been, I think, meant for a specific pattern, but is useful anyway. :)  I hate doing calculations, so this makes life just a bit easier.    

Web App: microRevolt's KnitPro »

"knitPro is a free web application that translates digital images into knit, crochet, needlepoint and cross-stitch patterns. Simply upload jpeg, gif or png images and knitPro will generate a graph sizable for any fiber project. knitPro digitally mimics the tradition of pre-industrial craft circles who freely shared patterns and passed them down from generation to generation." Although I do have to say that I think they're [...]

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