Saturday December 15th 2018

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Life is what happens… »

Life is what happens…

...while you're making other plans. Well, you've probably noticed that, after saying I was back...I wasn't back. Life indeed threw a spanner into the works, and I'm currently back in the States, dealing with family medical situations, business situations, etc. I'll be returning to the UK, my loving and loved partner J, and my beloved nest/stash (*sob*), hopefully in April or June, once everything is all taken care of, at [...]

Christmas knitting in progress »

Christmas knitting in progress

One thing's for sure. My habit of having six projects on the go at once has not changed whatsoever during my long hiatus from knitting. (There's more on the floor beside the desk, too.) I only have four projects done so far. There are (stopping to count) seven more on actual needles, and I've balled or have waiting eight more projects. Good thing most of these are fast or are going to be done on the knitting [...]

hi there! »

hi there!

Well, hello. :) At long, long, looooong last, the flat is now in good enough shape that I can get back to knitting. I've made one birthday gift already and am working on another. (Pics later.) The workshop is still missing that crucial work table surface and some organization, and not everything has a home yet. But I think I'm back enough to start posting again! Is anybody still out there? The workshop is still a [...]

A short break »

A short break

Okay, don't expect to see much of me for a couple of weeks, all. I've got my visa! Yay! So now I'm getting my business affairs in order, my personal affairs in order, sending out the last few boxes of my stuff out to the UK, and readying myself to immigrate. Cross your fingers for me! I'm hoping that the process goes smoothly. I'm headed home to California yet again, this time to meet up with my business partner, although [...]

The Truth(s) About Swatches and other news »

The Truth(s) About Swatches and other news

Okay, if I'm being honest, swatches annoy me. Sure, I know, they're supposed to be wonderful and helpful and a learning and spiritual process, blah blah blah, but frankly, if I've got a pattern or idea in mind and yarn and needles in hand, what I really want to be doing is knitting the latter into the former. I don't actually want to be knitting a square of a fabric up, washing it, blocking it, and hoping I don't need to [...]

More traveling. »

More traveling.

Okay, it's really hard to keep the blog up to date when I'm not knitting and while I'm traveling, mainly because I haven't had time to knit. At all. This is very aggravating, but my mantra is: "family and friends, more important. family, friends, more important. No, really, family and friends really are more important than knitting." And no one pays me to blog, I hate to say it, but it's true. Right now, getting my stuff [...]

Update…about time. »

Update…about time.

Okay, I know almost every blogger says this so often, so pardon if this bores: so I haven't gotten back to a regular posting schedule, obviously. Sorry...! So. Things go apace. Working on the green beaded Artyarns jacket. (Pictures to follow later.) The trouble with this is that I need to be able to concentrate to work on this, and that hasn't been something I've been able to do for a bit. So I've got about half the [...]

WIPs or about to be »

WIPs or about to be

One of my sisters is always feeling hot. Not too many knitted things for her, I'm afraid, although she did ask for a few coffee cup cozies for her birthday last year. The other sister is a Latin ballroom competitive dancer -- zero body fat, and she's always cold. ANYthing knitted is great for her. The two of us went into ImagiKnit the other day and came out with a lot of yarn that she wants made into things. The first [...]

San Francisco »

San Francisco

You know, regardless of what else goes on in my life, I'm aware that the city where I was born is always there: my heart hides San Francisco in at least one small corner of it at all times. This is the view out my study window at the moment. I've sublet a lovely flat for the month while the owner is traveling. The flat is filled with art, and also contains a dog named Tashi, a Tibetan Terrier. It's on the third floor and [...]

Prize Pack! (and no new posts for a week) »

Prize Pack! (and no new posts for a week)

Well, at long last, here it is! I've managed to finally finish up all the projects I had hanging fire since Christmas, but of course the important one right now is the prize for our Contest and KAL for Knit A Square. So here it is: Included is a ginormous knitting satchel in a sturdy blue and white brocade pattern canvas, with a snaps-open-snaps-shut frame that keeps everything in place, even if the bag tips [...]

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