Monday December 17th 2018

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A week in review »

A week in review

Whew! I'm trying to get ready for a three month trip to the States to mothball up my life there, get a lot of business matters settled and started up. This last week was the first of my two weeks to get everything done. So for the first time in the two years I've been traveling, I broke out my calendar program and started making lists again. I can still do it. I can still get things done in a timely manner. I can still [...]

Another week, another square! »

Another week, another square!

Wow, what a fortnight it's been. Between news about health problems, the earthquake in Haiti, and other personal matters, I thought I was just going through a rather depressing couple of weeks and that it was just me, but after talking to a few friends, it seems like many of us have been having a rather hard time of it. Hope that this isn't true for you, but if it is, I hope you're doing better now too, and if you're not, I [...]

I hate cancer & other news »

I hate cancer & other news

These days, it seems like the faster I move, the more I get behind...the converse is not true, though, as if I take it easy...I just get behind faster! That's not fair somehow. The belated Christmas knitting is being set aside (hopefully for a short time, because I really must finish them). I've been working on a couple of chemo caps for friends who are currently undergoing radical chemo and radiation and [...]

Catching up »

Catching up

Well. It's been a while! I'd intended to take a few days off - maybe three days around Christmas. Then it turned into Christmas through New Year's. And then I just got behind! So, first off, a catch-up post. Christmas knitting did not go smoothly, exactly - I loved doing the knitting, but two of the planned projects took a great deal longer than I thought they would, and one project just had to be abandoned due to [...]

Knitting and living as fast as I can »

Knitting and living as fast as I can

Phew. I've got so many pans on the fire, I'm not sure what I'm cooking in half of them anymore. Christmas knitting. Rather serious health problems to deal with (not mine). Visa issues. Future planning for the next year or two. Business and tax issues. I've been soooo far behind on getting some patterns (both free and for sale) out that I promised to y'all ages ago. I really need to get going on those, because, as it [...]

KIP: Windermere/Stash/Prize Yarn! »

KIP: Windermere/Stash/Prize Yarn!

Last Friday, we took off and headed up to one of John's good friend's for a weekend off. He lives in Cumbria (yup, where it's been flooding so horribly, but he assured us it was all north of his house), and his family was headed out to visit relatives, so he decided to arrange the all night house session of Irish traditional music that he'd been missing out on lately. So we rented (quite a large) car, negotiated our way [...]

Christmas knitting update »

Christmas knitting update

The Christmas knitting projects are well underway. This year all of the women are getting some kind of neckwarmer, because they're fast and, since they're usually only one or two skeins, easy on the budget, even if I'm using luxe yarns. If I choose a bulky, it's even quicker. The four girls on the list (the nieces of my partner) are getting small jackets except for the one niece who is getting a pair of opera length [...]

The prototype bag lives »

The prototype bag lives

Okay, after I finally figured out that the first knitting bag I'm working on (to be raffled off as our Knitterly/Crocheterly Prize for our KAL and Challenge for Knit A Square!) could be a prototype bag and I could therefore rationalize that I could keep it, I've started fooling about with it, trying out this and that. (You know, all the stuff you'd generally do on the muslin/toile, instead of the expensive real fabric and [...]

More Christmas knitting stash »

More Christmas knitting stash

Yesterday, I tagged along with John into London, and sent him off to his appointment while I headed for Loop in Islington. I have about six weeks left; all of the adults are getting neckwarmers/cowls, which usually only take me a couple of days worth of knitting to make. The kids are getting various knitting projects, most of them fairly small, although the two older boys will get a hat and scarf each (one We Call Them [...]

Life (and death) comes before blog »

Life (and death) comes before blog

Phew, what a week so far, and we're not quite done. I've been little able to get online, so apologies for a lack of new interesting stuff here this week. Here's a brief update on life in general, for anyone who wants to know. We've had a death in John's family this week; I never met Uncle John (my partner's mother's brother), so I'm playing Kitchen Slavey and House Elf while the rest of the family copes with funeral [...]

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