Monday December 17th 2018

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Payback’s a…lot of fun, actually »

Payback’s a…lot of fun, actually

Those of you who have gotten to know me, or who have known me for a while, know that I'm on a trip to see the world, or at least that part of the world that has temperate weather (ie: not too hot or humid) and doesn't have too many "third world bugs" (because I'm a wuss about creepy crawlies). The knitting thing sort of happened in the middle. It's been two years now since I packed up my bags, and there's not a day that [...]

Texere & Baa Ram Ewe »

Texere & Baa Ram Ewe

Stash report! While we were up in Leeds two weekends ago, I grabbed a train for Bradford just after we arrived on Friday afternoon, and made my way to Texere Yarns. (The train to Forster Square is the one you want, runs every half hour during the day.) Texere is a great way to blow your yarn budget. My favorite way to shop at Texere is to climb onto their (newish) website, take note of the stuff I want to look and [...]

Knit A Square thoughts »

Knit A Square thoughts

I am so happy to announce ALY's first KAL/challenge, and it's to benefit a charity that really needs our support for a cause that's more than worthy. They are, in fact, children; precious human beings who need some help. As in, my help. Your help. Our help. Dawne Smith-Sliming has written ALY's first contributor blog entry to kick our KAL off. Many kudos to Dawne, who somehow manages to balance a busy career, family, and [...]

KIP: Caffé Florian, Venice, Italy »

KIP: Caffé Florian, Venice, Italy

Swatching. I've been swatching the Superior cashmere/silk, and it's beautiful. It's lovely. It's gorgeous. In fact, it's so all of those things that every lace pattern I've tried on it so far is outclassed. This may in fact turn out to be the first and only stockinette stitch scarf I've ever made. I may knot a fringe on the ends. But so far the only thing I'm happy with is stockinette stitch. One really nice thing about [...]

Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time… »

Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time…

So, today while we were wandering through Venice in order to give me some sense of where things are in the tourist areas (tomorrow we will go see the Cannaregio area, I think), we stopped in at Lellabella near the Menin Square. (I was hoping to find a mohair or kid/silk yarn with a slightly lower price point than Rowan Kidsilk Haze for a design I'm thinking of doing a pattern for.) Unfortunately, they didn't have the [...]

You CAN SO make that project. »

You CAN SO make that project.

One of the things I've heard over and over and over again, online, in knitting groups, and in yarn stores, is something along the lines of, "I'm just so intimidated by large projects, I just don't think I can make them," or "oh, that looks so hard, I could never do that." Well, my fellow knitters, I am here to tell you that yes, you very darn well can do that, and how dare you say otherwise. Why? Well, I'll tell you [...]

Blog business again »

Blog business again

Why is 3 am not all that late, but 4 am is really really late? (Actually, now it's nearly 5 am. I am about to turn into a pumpkin.) I've been writing on the new pattern pages. Unusually for me, I'm not doing it out in front of God and everybody. But you should see the first free pattern soon (although by now anyone who wanted to see it has probably seen it in an earlier incarnation, of course!). Now that I've got some [...]

Pattern process »

Pattern process

An update to the update! I've now managed a version four and more or less final, although I'm sure tweaks will still happen. You'll be seeing it fairly soon -- I'll be posting the pattern to the test knitter boards, putting up the tutorials and hints here, and posting the thing through a Rav account. Hooray -- you guys RAWK! Update! Here's version 3, incorporating many of the suggestions given to me so far by those of [...]

Knitting is as good as Fishing »

Knitting is as good as Fishing

I don't know about you, but knitting in public always seems to bring someone out who feels a pressing need to wonder aloud why I'd ever want to knit anything. I'd imagine that, as I'm usually sitting right there enjoying myself knitting on whatever lovely thing I'm knitting, it would be pretty self-evident or at least logical that I do indeed enjoy the knitting of things. But apparently not. So I thought I'd set down a few [...]

Saving someone’s life »

Saving someone’s life

If serious wasn't meant to be on your plate today, I still ask that you read this, because you never know when you might need this information. I was going to post some (I hoped funny) thoughts on my hobby, knitting, vs. other hobbies, to answer some of those questions that people always ask me while I knit. But last week we received word that a friend of ours is currently fighting for his life in a critical care unit -- [...]

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