Monday December 17th 2018

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Blogs! Blogs! Blogs! »

Blogs! Blogs! Blogs!

Okay. This blogging thing is fun and all. It's interesting, it's educational, it's poverty-inducing (in that I keep finding things I just want to have, well, because I just want them, that's all, okay?), but most of all it's mainly fun. However, I keep finding blogs to add to the list of blogs over there on the right column of your screen. What to do with all of them? I'd love to share them with everyone, because, [...]

Now. »


Okay, I've got the website to a point where I just need to keep adding posts. (Mind, the theme author has already put out an upgrade version of his theme, so I have to figure out whether I kept good enough notes on my changes to do the upgrade easily and quickly or if it's not worth the effort.) I have a swap shrug that has to be done by the 2nd. (Still got the sleeves and the ruffle -- a big ruffle, a 9cm long ruffle -- to [...]

KIP: Dún Chaoin »

KIP: Dún Chaoin

Lovely day today! In Ireland, when the sun shines, everyone drops everything and heads out into the day. Grabbed the knitting in my little red KnowKnits bag, and headed out onto the Slea Head Drive with my partner John and his sister Mary, who is down from Co. Clare for a few days. We were aimed at the cafe out the other side of Dún Chaoin (in English, Dunquin, or literally the Fort of the Quins), but afterwards [...]

Redesigns R Hard »

Redesigns R Hard

This has been interesting, this re-design thing. There's been a couple of all-nighters as I struggled to figure out by reason and logic how to make the PHP, which I don't know, do what I wanted it to do. (I'm still figuring out a few things - header and comments input box, specifically.) But I've gotten a lot of compliments (although people seem to be allergic to commenting!) on the new design, which is by AntiSocial Media, [...]

Update on Redesign »

Update on Redesign

Well, the redesign is coming along. The import seems to have lost many comments and I have to figure out if I can get those back somehow. The connection to pictures seems to have not taken, so I'm having to go back and re-import all of the pictures.  I'm working on two more interviews to add to the site. But I think it's going to be good.  I need to figure out a few design things -- I'm not happy with the header [...]

Design fits. »

Design fits.

Well, I'm seriously re-thinking the design of the website. Yeah, already. While I do want to have somewhere to ruminate on my knitting and designing and whatever else, I also want to have a blog that's readable and is able to highlight some of the great things I've been blogging about in a useful way. The blog is a great place for me to share little posts about useful things I'm finding all over the Net, but there [...]

My next project »

My next project

Okay, I have too many projects planned, but I think I've figured out what the next one's going to be, the one that will be the one I set down to do other projects, then come back to with a feeling of gleeful indulgence, of doing something just for me, impractical though it may be. Willoughby.  *swoon* Jared Flood's gorgeous strip of lace, with a clever border and some of my favorite lace patterns.  In a dark purple [...]

TOTALLY off topic. »

TOTALLY off topic.

Okay, I'm a little off actually knitting at the moment (consequence, I think, of having finished one project in a hurry) and am waiting for the mojo to come back. Which it better, relatively soon, because I have a swap project to get done, and soon. In the meantime, I was surfing round the Web, and found a claim that putting a parsley plant in your window sill brings income opportunities to the occupants. "Hey, wait a [...]

Fall Petite Purls is up! »

Fall Petite Purls is up!

The new fall Petite Purls is up! Petite Purls is a fairly new online knit magazine for children's patterns. This is their second issue. There's a crocheted pair of slippers, a doll, pleated skirts, a soccer vest, and more. And isn't this ladybug the cutest thing? I've got a few kids that I have to knit for over the next few months--a set of twins, a couple of newborns. Must find a good source for bamboo and other [...]

Mom & daughter versions… »

Mom & daughter versions…

...but without the daughter. Oh, this is so adorable. I would love to make an adult version of this coat. That Tiffany blue is to die for. The lace skirt would make me feel every bit as feminine as it obviously makes this little girl feel. Maybe not the muff, though. This is the Snow Queen coat from the new book Fairy Tale Knits. Amazon has provided the pattern free on their website. I'd love to make the coat [...]

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