Monday December 17th 2018

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A stitch pattern to try… »

A stitch pattern to try…

Okay, I'd more or less decided that most variegated yarns aren't "me", but I may have to change my mind and try another skein out with this stitch pattern - Eye of Partridge. It's gorgeous in the Handmaiden yarn! I'm not crazy about the yellow-brown-red cast of it, maybe another colorway? I want to order from Loop again soon anyway... Hmmmmm....not in a shawl perhaps, but it'd make a lovely sweater, don't you think? [...]

Fall knitty is up! »

Fall knitty is up!

As the title says... I love the hood idea -- a fuss free alternative to a scarf.  Not crazy about the lace itself, though -- think I may steal the idea, but perhaps using a different pattern and a shawl collar construction and a different bottom to the hood and...well, anyway, a hood that's completely different.  :) What's your fav of the new set of patterns? Hooray, fall is here!

That’s a big bunny. »

That’s a big bunny.

Yep. That's a great big bunny, all right.  In fact, I don't think I've ever seen a bigger bunny.  And it's knitted. No.  That's not a belly button. (Do bunnies have belly buttons?)  That's a person taking a nap on its tummy. It took five years of knitting to make the skin for the bunny, which is molded from dirt and covered with the stockinette stitch skin. The things one finds wandering in a landscape: familiar [...]

Vote early & often! »

Vote early & often!

ETA: Thanks to all who voted on posts. Overwhelmingly, it seems that readers really loved the enabling, technique and tools posts, so I'm going to make sure in the new design that these posts are highlighted and easily available to look through. I'm trying to get a feel for what people want and like to read on the blog. Please use the voting stars at the bottom of each post to let me know how interesting you found any post [...]

Like cashmere in the desert »

Like cashmere in the desert

Okay, I admit it.  I love cashmere. It's probably my favorite fiber. (Merino wool is my next fav. Then silk. I'm sure you're noticing several trends, um, trending.) But it's one of those fibers that's got a carbon footprint about a mile long. Is there such a thing as "sustainable" cashmere? The cashmere goat herders of Mongolia are being pushed into globalization as the demand for cashmere goes up, with the chances of the [...]

Sweet Charity »

Sweet Charity

Knitting and crocheting (and other fiber arts) tend to yield end products that are like your hugs for someone made into a garment.  So sharing that with the less fortunate is a fairly logical next step for most crafters. We've all got bits and pieces of skeins of yarn left over from this project, or that thingy that you ended up not liking and frogging, or that were given to us by someone else, or that seem to have [...]

Whew. »


'Kay, I'm still working on several issues with the design of the website.  I think I've got the background issue (a couple of people thought it was too dark to read the text easily) figured out, but not entirely, so, as you can see, there's still two stripes on either side of the post background that are still darker.  It all involves transparent PNG files and how to work with them.  Haven't started on the button issues [...]

Aw. »


The Yarn Harlot watches her baby go off to Australia. Only Stephanie Pearl-McPhee makes you laugh at the same time you cry in quite this inimitable way. I love it that knitters are so good at looking after each other.  Well, really, what I love is that people are so good at looking after each other, just because they love the same things.  Kind of gives you hope through all the healthcare messes and terrorists and other [...]

Learning a lot… »

Learning a lot…

The new pattern is going very well, but I'm trying very hard not to move too fast on it so I don't miss out on anything I could learn. (This is a character fault I've been trying to correct for years.) In fact, I think you could reasonably say I'm forcing myself to a snail's pace. In the first incarnation, I decided the back neck was too wide in the basic shape and needed a ribbed collar stand to more firmly support the [...]

On paying attention »

On paying attention

Ann of the Mason-Dixon ladies is blogging about her current trip to northern Eurp. Looking at her posts, from about this one on, the posts (and her lovely pics) remind me that life is about details, that beauty is in those details, and that details are where we find our inspiration. We're all our own designers; even when we are simply following a pattern, we still have to make decisions about fit, ease, proportion. If [...]

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