Monday December 17th 2018

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My new sweater! »

My new sweater!

My loving partner got me a special present today! The snappily-named Fisherman Out Of Ireland company is based in Kilcar, Co. Donegal, and they have a lovely line of knitwear in Lisbeth Mulcahy's store on Green St. here in Dingle. It's technically a man's sweater, but it's a simple roll-neck, so no real need for shaping for girly bits. Beautifully made -- nice dyed-to-match cotton twill tape stay in the back neck, and [...]

Frog, she said. »

Frog, she said.

They told me.  Oooh, indeed they did. "You'll do a lot of frogging," they said, when I told them I was going to start designing knitting patterns. They were right.  Oh yeah. Doesn't matter how well you plan it out on paper.  Putting the yarn on the needles and looping those stitches in and out of each other seems to turn that well-ordered schematic into something not quite what you expected, sometimes in very [...]

Packing »


Okay, we're headed up to Clare for a couple of days for my partner's sister's birthday.  Clothes for two days, check.  Computer equipment, check.  Camera, check. Now the hard part...which WIP do I take!? Hmmm.  Maybe I'll take two, just in case.

Normal Normal. »

Normal Normal.

The Fall Twist Collective is now live, and, in it, the Mason-Dixon ladies have a great rationale for knitting in these troubled economic and sociologic times. Every day, it seems like we are having to define the New Normal, but every day brings a new New Normal, and at this point we are wishing simply for a Normal Normal. The decent news amid all these Normals is that knitting doesn’t really change at all, and frankly, [...]

On designing patterns »

On designing patterns

Okay, so I have been the person who bought what I think of as a "stitch pattern in basic pattern" pattern. Maybe I couldn't stand the thought of figuring out the pattern myself, perhaps I was out of time and just needed a step by step so I could concentrate on knitting as fast as I could (ie: not very fast), and I was willing to pay to get that. It's just that it's only fairly recently that I realized that a lot of people [...]

Yes, as a matter of fact… »

Yes, as a matter of fact…

...I am a fiber snob. Mind you, I'd like not to be.  This being a fiber snob is a pricey business.  (This is/was true in my fabric snobberies too; I used to specialize in almost 100% silk wedding gowns -- I think every woman ought to have the experience of wearing all silk at least once in her life.)  It would make my life much less expensive if I wasn't addicted to silk, merino wool, cashmere and such. But I am.  I [...]

Here we go… »

Here we go…

Okay.  It's yet another blog for me to keep updated.  Fellow knitters have asked why there isn't one and followed up with a "well, you should."  (I'm not actually sure why anyone would want to read me blathering on about knitting, though.)  But sooner or later, I have to start making money again (if you're just joining the rather long-winded story of my life...I'll explain later), so I guess this is the first step towards [...]

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