Friday January 18th 2019

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Campaign for Wool »

Campaign for Wool

Why were sheep grazing on London's Saville Row, famous for superb tailoring and the best in menswear, in October? They were part of Wool Week, the kick-off for The Campaign for Wool, a five year drive to help promote and develop the international wool and sheep industries. The Campaign for Wool is a cross-industry initiative convened by HRH The Prince of Wales in January 2010. As a serious environmentalist, the Prince [...]

Every day is Mandela Day for Knit-A-Square »

Every day is Mandela Day for Knit-A-Square

by Contributor JustDawne Hello again, readers of Another Long Yarn! It's been a few months since our KAL for Knit-A-Square and the creation of over 180+ squares for the orphaned and vulnerable children of South Africa. Squares are always needed so please feel free to keep them coming! (Postage info. can be found here.) A special thanks to dear Zina for giving me the chance to share some exciting news on behalf of [...]

One week to go! »

One week to go!

by Contributor JustDawne Raise your hand if you've enjoyed knitting for Knit-A-Square? I thought so! Our gallery wouldn't be filled with such beautiful squares otherwise. (A pat on the back for us all as we have more than tripled our initial goal!!) In this last week of our KAL I thought I'd take a moment and put some postages dos and don'ts here to help y'all out. Please, please, please put "NO COMMERCIAL VALUE. FOR [...]

It can only be love »

It can only be love

by Contributor JustDawne Where has January gone? It seemed to pass very quickly. I hope it was a good month for everyone. It is February and I once again find myself  reflecting on the notion of Love. I rather think my former profs would be much delighted to learn that I am still 'thinking... a lot' on the larger questions of life. Perhaps René Descartes said it best? "I think therefore I am." Now that I am [...]

Kristeen Griffin-Grimes: ‘Infuse whatever we do »

Kristeen Griffin-Grimes: ‘Infuse whatever we do with love and kindness’

Here it is—our third and last Spotlight in a series for our KAL for Knit A Square, each featuring a different designer who offers us a square design! One short month after I began hand-knitting, I bought Kristeen Griffin-Grimes's book, French Girl Knits, and embarked upon a remarkable journey of re-discovering, not only many things about the art and craft of knitting design, but how the beauty and loveliness of yarn, [...]

Nearing the Finish Line »

Nearing the Finish Line

by Contributor: JustDawne Happy 2010 one and all!  I hope this post finds you all happy and healthy. I am delighted that we are beginning a new year with 21 squares for Knit-A-Square. Some of you may not have read my first post about KAS. Here is a little snippet: What do you say we test the power of the internet as a tool for mass communication and positive change? Can we challenge ourselves to collectively [...]

Lucy Neatby: “Knitting, craft, community!” »

Lucy Neatby: “Knitting, craft, community!”

The first thing I do when working on a Spotlight is to climb onto the Net and Google the name of the person I'm spotlighting. Try this with Lucy Neatby's name, and you mainly get variations upon a theme: "Lucy Neatby says...", "Lucy showed us how to...", "Lucy Neatby is a great teacher...", "Lucy's technique is...", "Lucy Neatby has this great trick...", "Lucy's DVDs are incredible!", "Lucy Neatby rocks!" and more of the [...]

The Power of Plain Jane »

The Power of Plain Jane

by Contributor: JustDawne As this year draws to an end and another looms on the horizon, I've found myself thinking about what I have accomplished in 2009. I have to remember to give myself credit for goals met and jobs well done while identifying projects or areas of my life that still need a little work. I find it helpful to give myself an honest 'kick in the butt' from time to time. One area I feel very good about is [...]

Diana Troldahl/Otterwise Designs: ‘A way for me »

Diana Troldahl/Otterwise Designs: ‘A way for me to touch someone else’s life.’

As long as she can remember, Diana Troldahl has always loved otters, and she explains why the name of her design company cites these beautiful creatures. "Otter-wise, meaning, in the way of the otter," she says, but also: "A pun on "Otherwise," as I am known in my family for doing things in a slightly different way than most. It just happens, my brain seems to work in a slightly different track than the people I know." "I [...]

Kirsty Clarke/Wharfedale Woolworks: ‘I just »

Kirsty Clarke/Wharfedale Woolworks: ‘I just follow my heart’

We've been staying with my partner's mother for a couple of weeks, and her conversation is peppered with wise (though sometimes not so much wise as wisecracks) little sayings. This morning, she spoke about silver linings and clouds, which made me think of Kirsty Clarke of Wharfedale Woolworks, who has provided our KAL for Knit A Square with the yarn for the block sample designed by Diana Troldahl of Otterwise Designs. I [...]

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