Friday January 18th 2019

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Knit Night Cupcakes »

Knit Night Cupcakes

Okay, lots of people have commented on the knitted cupcakes I've made. Here's the inside-out caloric version. Lauren Ulm of Vegan Yum Yum appeared on Martha Stewart with these. Wait, there's more! The tutorial is here, so you can make your very own cupcakes! Go on. You know you have to make them. They'll go over totally well at your nearest knit night!

Warm Weather Knits »

Warm Weather Knits

A new Deborah Newton book! Due out the first of November, 2010, Deborah Newton and LeisureArts are releasing a book of Warm Weather Knits. From the LeisureArts website: "Paying attention to shapes, details, pattern stitches and fibers that work especially well for summer, Deborah Newton presents more than 20 sweaters and accessories to knit. The designs use a variety of cool fibers and blends, from classic [...]

Do the Hokey Croquis »

Do the Hokey Croquis

Okay, how did I miss this?! Idly going through the websites that I normally scan when living my "normal" life (anyone who knows me knows why "normal" has rabbit ears there), I spotted this on Our Robynn's web shop site, Purlescence, which also qualifies as one of my favorite places to shop. The Hokey Croquis Fashionflats (okay, it's not a very upscale name, but you know what? now everyone knows how to pronounce croquis, [...]

A Summer beauty »

A Summer beauty

I don't often go for the Caron free patterns. Usually they're just not something or other for me, whether that it's not quite stylish enough, or not quite flattering enough, or not quite whatever. However, this week they're featuring a Kristin Omdahl pattern called the Equinox top. It rings all the right changes: not too much yarn involved (it features Caron Spa, a bamboo rayon/acrylic mix with lots of drape), so it's a [...]

Gorgeous shrug, free pattern! »

Gorgeous shrug, free pattern!

Gorgeous free pattern source alert! One of my very favorite LYSs is Loop, in London. It's no longer (*sob*) my local, but I still shop there online, and whenever I'm in London, I drop in to squish the beautiful yarns and chat with Susan's lovely staff (when they're not too busy rushing about helping customers, which is the more normal default state). Loop is moving to a new building just steps away from Angel station [...]

A is for Alphabet »

A is for Alphabet

The new Twist Collective has been out for a bit, and I've been enjoying the patterns. But today I found the article on Susette Newberry, a knitting librarian who has been working on a knitted abecedarium and blogging about her efforts with wonderful essays on her subject letter. Fascinating reading though Newberry's blog is, I was also delighted to find her We Call Them Ampersands hat (Rav link), a perfect gift for the [...]

Jogless Stripes, Meg Swanson style »

Jogless Stripes, Meg Swanson style

In his March 1st post, Franklin Habit writes about his struggle to get his Looking Glass socks looking just the way he wants them to, and that a big part of this was getting all those stripes to look right. There's some nice shots of the jogless jogs on the post. Here's his inside shot of the stripes: He recommends Meg Swanson's book, Hand Knitting with Meg Swanson, for this method. (Meg Swanson is Elizabeth Zimmerman's [...]

Knitwear Design Workshop »

Knitwear Design Workshop

Okay, the first time I saw this at a truly lovely LYS, I swore I'd buy it as soon as I'd saved up a bit. I paged through it carefully, fascinated. There was so much information! And the patterns Paden gives as examples of her working process were...were...were gorgeous! I could just tell, if I made even the swatches for the those patterns, I'd learn a ton...and if I actually made something...  Well. It's not for everybody [...]

Pins (and more) by Romi »

Pins (and more) by Romi

Okay, fine, I admit it: I have a weakness for shiny objects. Case in point, these lovely, feather-light shawl pins by Romi, offered by Purlesence in the UK. I especially love the penambular pin on the right. Designer Rosemary Hill offers many lovely pins of other designs besides these. Another fav is this beautiful sterling silver pin. It simply twists into the knit, with no rough edges to snag and no pieces to [...]

A Haapsalu Shawl Of One’s Own »

A Haapsalu Shawl Of One’s Own

I've just bought three books, one right after the other. (Well, I say three. It's actually more like, um, nine.) The first one was the booklet Made In Brooklyn by Jared Flood, to support Classic Elite Yarns. And I bought this for specifically two different patterns: One thing, as they say, leads to another. I really do intend to do Willoughby, the stole on the left, and have for quite some time. But a purchase of [...]

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