Monday December 17th 2018

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Knitted Jewelry Redux: soft side »

Knitted Jewelry Redux: soft side

I do love the thought of knitted jewelry. Here's a site that's totally inspiring, at least for a certain kind of look and that has been giving me some ideas to bat about inside the head. Shadowplay is Heather Goldberg's baby -- each one of a kind piece may take her days to complete, and she's put out two collections since November. And look at this oh so clever way to deal with changing the yarn: Kewl. Yarn. [...]

Wiggin’ Out »

Wiggin’ Out

How many times have you struggled with blocking a hat properly? I'm a big believer in the right tools for the right job. You wouldn't believe (or maybe you would) what a difference having a wig block can make when doing anything that involves wigs, millinery, or, as a matter of fact, knitted hats. Mind you, what you really want is a hat block, which is a chunk of wood carved into the final shape of each and every single [...]

Spring/Summer knitting »

Spring/Summer knitting

Okay, it's about time to start thinking about warmer weather, and that means...well, it means not knitting in wool, mainly. So I've started looking around for something to go under a light jacket (just found a pretty white one at TK Maxx, stretchy, not too heavy, not too light). I want something that doesn't show too much skin/not too low cut, but shows enough skin to still be just a bit sexy, has to be flattering, a [...]

Workbox. ‘Nuff said. »

Workbox. ‘Nuff said.

Oh. My. Lord. We are talking serious lust, here. I can't say that I'd kill for one these, mind you, but I'd certainly work for no little time to be able to afford one. The WorkBox above is about $ shipping. I suppose a lot of it depends on exactly how sick of seeing your stuff all over the place the people you live with (or you yourself) in fact are. I want one. Oh. And one of these. So you [...]

The Nerdiest Sweater in the World »

The Nerdiest Sweater in the World

The Happy Seamstress has made her husband what she calls the Nerdiest Sweater Vest in the World, and soon, you'll be able to make one too! (I so beg to differ with the "nerdiest" thing. "Geekiest" maybe. Not necessarily the "Nerdiest."*) Due to an avalanche of requests, she's getting the pattern together and will release it "within the week". She has already given the yarn requirements, though, so you can get ready to [...]

Shawl pin? Stitch holder? »

Shawl pin? Stitch holder?

Whether you want to use this lovely kilt-pin style pin as a stitch holder or a shawl pin or, come to think of it, both, you'll be very happy with it. I got mine at Loop in Islington, London, which will ship anywhere. My favorite of the two colors available is definitely the darker wood, which suits my tastes for the sleek and modern, although the lighter wood might do better on less contemporary styles. It's very light [...]

A Knitting Bag to die for »

A Knitting Bag to die for

Newsflash! Robynn now has the Namaste Monroe bag available! They're not up on the website yet (as of this writing), but you can send her a contact email enquiring about colors and such before they hit the website, if you want to make sure you've got one in your eager little paws before the hoi polloi even get to order. More info below! Robynn of Purlesence, blast bless her little cotton socks, has pointed out the new Namaste [...]

Contest: Denise needle set! »

Contest: Denise needle set!, one of my favorite knitting sites and one that really got me started off on knitting a year ago now, is currently running a Twitter contest. Win the grand prize of a full set of Denise interchangeables (dyed in rainbow colors!), or a beautiful silk taffeta bag, a cute sheep measuring tape, or a bumble bee measuring tape! All you have to do to enter is to send out a Tweet.

Not knitting a meaningful Christmas gift »

Not knitting a meaningful Christmas gift

Need to find a gift for someone who doesn't need something knitted or crocheted? Consider a Kiva gift certificate. Give a $25 or $50 gift certificate to your giftee. They can use that gift certificate to lend to entrepreneurs in micro-loans, by choosing the recipient from the website's profiles. The micro-loan is (hopefully) paid back by the entrepreneur, who is usually in a low-income situation. When the loan has been [...]

This IS knitterly… »

This IS knitterly…

Admit it. You need one. And unlike most Enabling's a free PDF download! From the oh-so-lovely blog of Derya Davenport of Laylock. A must-add list to my blog list.

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