Monday December 17th 2018

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Send me a knit by wire »

Send me a knit by wire

Oooooh. I love sparkly, shiny objects. Weirdly, I love jewelry just as much as my two jewelry-addict sisters. (It's weird, because I don't usually wear much jewelry.) And I love making jewelry. No matter where I am, I always have a jewelry-making kit (beads, wire, crystals, pearls, tools, etc.) with me; it makes present times like birthdays and Christmas so much easier. Along comes some particularly lovely craft kits [...]

Cute bobbins. Cute SHEEP bobbins. »

Cute bobbins. Cute SHEEP bobbins.

Oh, that Girl On The Rocks. I'd like a tenth of the creativity she's got, please. (Remember those markers?) These are cute. In fact, they're really cute. I have almost no need whatsoever for yarn bobbins (at least, yet) and have no real wish to need yarn bobbins, but I am tempted to buy yarn bobbins so long as they are these yarn bobbins. Because...well, I think I said...they're cute. And useful, if you use yarn [...]

Through the wardrobe… »

Through the wardrobe…

Make your own yarn? Hmmm. Okay, Yarnia is more like, wind your own choice of fibers together until they equal the yarn weight of your choice, but that's close enough. It's not plied together, so what you get is loosely parallelled single plies and so I'm not sure that really does equal yarn in a pedantic sense, but it does come off the cone more or less together, and you do get used to this sort of yarn after working with [...]

Not knitting related… »

Not knitting related…

...but had to be put up under Enabling anyway. But it's funny only if you know the story behind the thing. So... The original Keep Calm and Carry On poster was commissioned by the British government's Ministry of Information in 1939 to encourage the population upon the outbreak of war. Oddly enough, it was never actually formally released by the government and so remained unseen by most until it was found almost fifty [...]

The Perfect Notion Case »

The Perfect Notion Case

Have I mentioned that I love gadgets? Of any kind? This is true for my sewing, for my crafting of all sorts, for my computer work, etc. I love hunting the bits and pieces down! I use several Muji polypropolene storage boxes for my knitting notions, and they've been okay, but they're not perfect. First off all, the little containers allow "crossover spillage" from compartment to compartment, and the bottoms of the [...]

2009 Panopticon Xmas Ornament is up… »

2009 Panopticon Xmas Ornament is up…

My first Christmas as a bonafide knitter! Oooh, I can't decide. The 2009 Christmas ornament? The Knitting Kali? Or do I just have to have Mean Kitty, who, let's face it, has just enough echoes of my other favorite mean little cutie, Happy Bunny? Franklin Habit rocks.

Want (1000000) »

Want (1000000)

Yep. I want it. Business cards? Maybe. But probably markers and pins and other little bits that usually get lost in the bottom of the box. Get it at Purlescence, or make sure someone knows where to get it for you. (*ahem*)

DellaQ Interchangeable needle case »

DellaQ Interchangeable needle case

I love cases for knitting needles. Especially interchangeable ones, and I'm always on the look out for new ones. Jan over at pointed out a case I hadn't seen before and am now drooling over. DellaQ has brought out a new one: the Que-i Double, which holds TWO sets of interchangeable tips! Tempted. Really, really tempted... I've just bought the new Hiya Hiya interchangeables (and will be doing a review [...]

Easy being green (or purple or yellow) »

Easy being green (or purple or yellow)

Have you been wanting to go a bit more green with your knitting? Purlessence in the UK features a special on Nature's Harvest 4-ply yarn. Nature's Harvest uses only natural dyes on this yarn, which means some special treatment is necessary when washing (which Robynn gives on the link), but it's a small price to pay to walk a bit lighter on the earth, right? Especially when that small price is close to 50% off (regularly [...]

More “talking” markers! »

More “talking” markers!

Okay, these stitch markers do not have the same level of hand-crafted cool that our previous Enablement markers had, but still, they're pretty cute, and quite useful. From the marketing materials: "StitchDots™ "talk" to knitters and crocheters with words and symbols imprinted on each marker. Use the "Start" marker to identify the beginning of your row and the "End" marker to do the opposite. Use the RS and WS markers to [...]

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