Monday December 17th 2018

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Pretty Thing »

Pretty Thing

Oh dear. The Yarn Harlot (also known as Stephanie Pearl-McPhee) has finally made good on her long-ago made promise to get the pattern for her lovely cashmere cowl Pretty Thing out to the world. I can see another purchase on my horizon. I even have the yarn that will be perfect for this. It goes onto the Christmas gift list. Well, I'm going to purchase it tomorrow, so I guess that's beyond the horizon, actually. Note [...]

Wayna Picchu Earflap Hat »

Wayna Picchu Earflap Hat

Damn that Franklin Habit. I have either got to stop reading his blog, obviously, or start making enough money to buy the same yarn and the same patterns after he posts them. I have some babies to knit for, and have been racking the brains, especially since there's an older brother that I want to make sure doesn't feel left out when I send knits. Franklin has knit up bluegirl knits' Wayna Picchu Earflap hat. I'm thinking [...]

Verena: online! »

Verena: online!

I have to say that I love knitting magazines. Even the ones that have maybe one project in them that I want to actually make, because even then, they usually have something in them that sends sparks off the flint of my designer genes (ha. ha.), whether that might be an idea for a design, a technique I can use, or just something I've never seen done before. Margery Winter, for Filatura di Crosa Yarn over at Tahki Stacy [...]

Bio Bamboo on sale! »

Bio Bamboo on sale!

Purlessence in the UK is having a sale on Bio Bamboo -- only £2.00 for 175 metres a ball! I think as soon as I'm back in the UK I'm going to have to order some. There's babies I need to knit for. Here's Robynn's description: I love bamboo - it has a fabulous silky sheen and texture, incredible drape, and luminous colour. Plus there’s the eco factor; fast-growing bamboo is the ultimate renewable resource. Bamboo looks [...]

Must. Have. Markers. »

Must. Have. Markers.

It is not true that everything I've learned, I've learned from blogs, but what is true is that every time I go on what's meant to be a nice relaxing ferret through my favorite blogs, I find something to buy. This time it's Franklin and his Panopticon, blogging about these informative stitch markers.     You can remind yourself which stitch to do on your raglan seams.         [...]

On the Go: GoKnit Pouch »

On the Go: GoKnit Pouch

This is, frankly, one of those things about which you initially think, "I can do without that"...until you've tried one. And then you think, "how did I organize my knitting life without one of these?" In the fight to knit wherever you will yet keep your yarn and project clean and organized, the GoKnit bag is a winner. The KnowKnits GoKnit project bag is extremely (and deceptively) simple. All of the little details are [...]

Rowan Free Patterns »

Rowan Free Patterns

I love Rowan Yarns. I also love free patterns. Rowan's got some really nice ones on their website. If you haven't taken a look, I highly recommend doing so! I particularly like their Studio patterns. Very stylish. I'm thinking of making Kim (from Rowan Studio issue 1, pictured to the left) in a dark grey cashmere, perhaps adding i-cord straps, perhaps not. I think it looks great without straps, but I don't particularly want [...]

More buttons. »

More buttons.

Oh dear. More buttons. I have got to stop looking at buttons on the Net, I really do. These are from Oh dear.

My fav clasp shop! »

My fav clasp shop!

Sometimes, it takes the perfect clasp to really make the garment special. is where I head when I want to go through a lot of clasps to find the perfect one. Refined, chunky, architectural, vegetal,'ll find it here!  (They are all metal clasps, though.)

Push my buttons, baby! »

Push my buttons, baby!

Okay, that dripping noise you hear? It's me, slavering over these buttons. Czech glass. Yummy, yummy.

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