Friday November 16th 2018

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Life (and death) comes before blog

bloggersmPhew, what a week so far, and we’re not quite done. I’ve been little able to get online, so apologies for a lack of new interesting stuff here this week. Here’s a brief update on life in general, for anyone who wants to know.

We’ve had a death in John’s family this week; I never met Uncle John (my partner’s mother’s brother), so I’m playing Kitchen Slavey and House Elf while the rest of the family copes with funeral arrangements and gets on with the process of mourning.

Everyone’s pleased that my partner’s mother’s 80th birthday arrangements (her family calls her The Auld One) this weekend won’t need to be set aside for the funeral, though. The funeral isn’t ’til Thursday next week, and as when one gets to be a certain age, and as elderly relatives begin dying, you begin to truly internalize/realize how little time you have with each other, no matter how many years go by. It’s never going to be enough. So we’ll probably celebrate the Auld One’s 80th with just a touch more fervour than we might have, before her brother passed away.

tipcaseSomehow, though, I did manage to get the two needle cases done the last two days, and am now about to go draft the pattern for the knitting/crocheting bag. (For anyone just joining us, I’m making the case and bag for part of our Knitterly/Crocheterly Prize for our charity KAL and challenge for Knit A Square, to benefit South African orphans.)

I’m quite pleased with how they’ve turned out. I really liked the Hiya Hiya storage cases for their interchangeable tips, so I used them as my pattern. The only problem someone might have with them is that I recycled a tatty old leather jacket for the trim and the tips-protecting flaps. (The jacket’s lovely fawn colored leather was too pretty to simply throw out, but the jacket itself was beyond resurrection.) Hope that won’t make the things a problem for anyone — but I suppose they can give them to someone else for Christmas or such if they have leather aversions.

Want a chance to win a beautiful bag, tips case, a (very slightly) used set of KnitPro Harmony interchangeable tips, and other items? Join our KAL by letting us know in the comments of Dawne’s post that you intend to make a square (or five), then post a pic in the gallery. Each square gives you a chance to win!

(When you comment, please be sure to give us your email address or URL, so we have a way to get hold of you if you win. And when you post a pic of a square, please make sure you include your name in the caption, so we know who made what square! Sorry, it’s not perfect, but I’m working with WordPress free software!)

In other KAL news, Kirsty’s yarn has arrived at Diana’s, and Diana has the patterns for the squares (a knit version and a crochet version) done and is getting the samples done when she’s not down with the flu. I can hardly wait to see them, but told her that this is a blog, and her killing herself to try and meet a deadline for a blog is Not A Good Thing. So hopefully you’ll see the pattern on or around the 15th, because it will mean that Diana is feeling better. Get well soon, Diana!

Today I met another knitter at Starbucks, which is where we usually have a coffee and a cake, especially on market days. (I had to find some cheap down pillows for The Auld One’s sofa cushions — her cushion covers were now absolutely flat and made the whole room look dreadfully tired, so John’s sister asked me to get that done before the big party. I love the market here; found four of them at £9 each!) hungryduckWe had a bit of a chat, and she says she’s in there almost every day knitting for a couple of hours, so perhaps I’ll start going a bit earlier once or twice a week and we can have our own little S’n'B session.

There’s a river that runs through the town, and the town is well-known for the Muscovy ducks that live on and around it. Every now and again one of the Muscovy ducks (known as “the ugly ducks” by John’s family) wanders up the road to the high street. Eventually the town council sends somebody to shoo them back down to the river, but until then we get to watch entertaining scenes such as this one. The duck’s head followed the progress of the sandwich from plate to mouth until the last bite, which it finally did receive.

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4 Responses to “Life (and death) comes before blog”

  1. Dawne says:

    Will be keeping John and his family in my thoughts and Diana as well.

    The needle cases look wonderful! I think someone is going to be a happy winner when they get all their loot.

    • Zina says:

      I hope so! My goal with the Knitterly/Crocheterly Prize is to make it SO good that people will make as many squares as possible in the hope of winning it! :)

  2. Thank you both for the good thoughts. I AM feeling better, and I emailed the pdfs and a few photos to you this morning. I hope you enjoy making them as much as I did, Kirsty’s yarn is so VERY beautiful, it inspired me.

    John’s family is in my heart.

    (btw, I have a first cousin living in Ireland, Brian Wiler, his lovely wife Merry and their kids. I hope to visit some day)

    • Zina says:

      Thanks for the kind wishes for John’s family, guys — I’ll let them know you’re thinking of them!

      Hooray, love the PDFs, and will get them up as soon as possible — hopefully I’ll get some time tomorrow first thing (it’s 1 AM here!) to post the squares and get the articles up — I’m so excited to have the first squares up, and they are GORGEOUS!

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