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Nearing the Finish Line

by Contributor: JustDawne

Happy 2010 one and all!  I hope this post finds you all happy and healthy.

I am delighted that we are beginning a new year with 21 squares for Knit-A-Square. Some of you may not have read my first post about KAS. Here is a little snippet:

What do you say we test the power of the internet as a tool for mass communication and positive change?

Can we challenge ourselves to collectively knit/crochet at least 30 simple squares between now and February 14, 2010? Wouldn’t that be a true act of love?

One of the many hill children (yes, they live outside in the hills) with his KAS hat.

One of the hill children (yes, they live outside in the hills) with his KAS hat

With 21 squares finished, and more on the needles, I am feeling optimistic. I really do not know how to express in mere words how thankful I am for each of you setting aside some knitting time (which can be hard to find) in support of the children. ‘Thank you’ does not seem enough.

Having said that I must hang my head in shame as I have several squares finished that are not yet blocked and photographed. Raise your hand if the same applies to you? Oh good. I am not alone!

A young boy with his KAS blanket.

A young boy with his KAS blanket

On a more serious note I must give you the friendly nudge to get those squares into our gallery if you’d like a chance at winning the awesome prize package Zina has in store for the lucky winner. The prize package includes a custom designed Knitting Bag, luscious fiber and even a full set of interchangeable Knit Pro Symphonie needles*! So let’s pick up those needles and hooks, ladies and gents, and get clacking! There are only 35 days left to create squares and enter them into the gallery.

Just thinking of the wonderful prize pack to be won reminds me that we have an Ocean Waves square in the gallery but we don’t know who made it. I would love to claim it as my work but that would be wrong, wouldn’t it? (*thinking it over…*) Yes, it would be wrong. Let me walk the high road instead and help search for the mystery needle worker. Remember, each square is a contest entry so we need to know who made it if that square wins the random draw.

Little-Zeverfontein creche (daycare) with their KAS blankets and hats

Little-Zeverfontein creche (daycare) with their KAS blankets and hats

When our fun KAL contest wraps up on Feb. 14th I hope you will all choose to continue to knit for the children. Unfortunately, they will need our help as much in 2010 as last year or even more. Don’t forget there is the Square Circle Forum as well as the group over at Ravelry for keeping up with KAS news, making friends and sharing inspirations. The January Challenge is up and running. If your inner designer is just begging to be let out why not start a new year designing a new square for KAS?

And lastly, I would like to draw your attention to the 2010 Knit-A-Square calendar. What a beautiful, and functional way to keep the children in our hearts week to week. The photos are simply wonderful and offer proof of just how important our squares really are, they show what a difference we can make with our hobby/past-time/obsession. I find mine very handy for keeping my school knitting club organized and on track. Best of all, as it says on the site:

Once you are sent the pdf file, we encourage you to send it far and wide… to all your family and friends this year.

It will work all year to spread the word about KasCare’s knit-a-square program and the work we are doing for the AIDS orphans and abandoned children of South Africa.

For just $7.95 you have a gift you can spoil everyone with, FOR FREE!

* Note from Zina: slightly used, as in, one needle (I think the 5.0 mm one) was used for a swatch. Other than that — they’re out of their packaging but have never been actually used for a project, it’s all new cables, and there are three sizes that aren’t included with the full set of needles. Also, these are KnitPro needles, not KnitPicks, so there’s an extra size not available in the US.

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