Monday December 17th 2018

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Spring/Summer knitting


Okay, it’s about time to start thinking about warmer weather, and that means…well, it means not knitting in wool, mainly.

So I’ve started looking around for something to go under a light jacket (just found a pretty white one at TK Maxx, stretchy, not too heavy, not too light). I want something that doesn’t show too much skin/not too low cut, but shows enough skin to still be just a bit sexy, has to be flattering, a bit drapey but comfy, maybe in a pretty cotton, maybe something a little silky…

Ah ha — Arctic Circle by Amanda Shopa fits the ticket. Love the side panels, which provide a little something different (I may scootch the front line forward just a bit to help the front-view to look just a bit slimmer), the pretty but simple YO pattern ought to be flattering, and there’s three neckline options to choose from. For my figure, I’ll have to make it an inch or two longer and add a bit of bust and hip shaping, so the YOs don’t open up unflatteringly across the bust. I like the slightly cut-in shoulder line, too, which again helps set it apart from other shells, and which will off-set my rather wide, square shoulders.

Available on Chiagu, in four sizes, at $4.50.

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  1. Marianne says:

    Nice top…but I would scoop the neck down a bit too.

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