Monday January 21st 2019

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Find it — Knit it

new-KF-mastheadA new resource for knitters: KnitFinder.  If you feel Rav searches for a pattern are too broad, this might narrow it down for you.  They include the indexes for Knitty, Interweave, and (Alice and Jade) Starmore; so that’s easily over 2000 patterns.

From their About Us page:

What an exciting time to be a knitter! An explosion of publishing and creativity has produced new magazines, designers, and resources, and invigorated the old ones. Ravelry has connected more than 400,000 knitters across the globe, letting them share projects and ideas. In-person knitting groups are flourishing around the world.

With new information scattered all over the Web, it’s not always easy to find what you’re looking for. Google and Ravelry searches can yield far too many results. Online magazines and pattern stores offer hundreds of patterns, but no indexes. Information that predates the Internet is getting lost in the shuffle—it’s hard to find and compare patterns in old Rowan books or Interweave Knits magazines.

I write indexes for a living—it’s my job to help people find things easily. I designed Knitfinder to be your guide. We’ll give you complete pattern indexes for your favorite designers and knitting magazines. We’ll collect the best resources on the Web and put them at your fingertips. We’ll keep it all organized and easy to navigate. And we’ll listen to your suggestions and add new content regularly.

Annual memberships (which include pattern notes) are currently USD$14.00 for charter memberships.  Many expansions planned for the future!

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