Saturday December 15th 2018

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One week to go!

by Contributor JustDawne

Raise your hand if you’ve enjoyed knitting for Knit-A-Square? I thought so! Our gallery wouldn’t be filled with such beautiful squares otherwise. (A pat on the back for us all as we have more than tripled our initial goal!!)

In this last week of our KAL I thought I’d take a moment and put some postages dos and don’ts here to help y’all out.

Please, please, please put “NO COMMERCIAL VALUE. FOR CHARITY ONLY” on each and every parcel and/or envelope.  Ronda has often had to pay 25 South African Rand per box.  That is $3.47 Canadian Dollars/ $3.38 US/ 2.23 British Pounds.  How much per box?!That money adds up as you’ll see in this latest photo of the post arriving in Ronda’s living room.  While KAS works to find corporate funding, these small amounts of duty that add up so quickly are a hardship to pay.  If you’d like to help out you can make a private donation through PayPal.

Speaking of funding…. there is a very quick and hugely important favour I have to ask of each of you. Could everyone please take 2 minutes and contact Oprah, through her website, and suggest Knit-A-Square as a show topic? Even a 10 minute segment on Oprah would be HUGE for Knit-A-Square and could open many doors for the organization.

Given that Oprah must receive thousands of show suggestions a week it is my hope that if every KAS member emails Oprah throughout the course of one week we might just get the producers’ attention. I think that once they see the goals of KAS, the accomplishments after only 1 year and hear from a community of 3,000+ people across 35 countries, they will be enthusiastic to feature KAS and the AIDS orphans. So, let’s believe once again in the power of the Internet and the strength of our cyber community and send those requests today!

Now back to our regularly scheduled topic: POSTAGE.

Please send all squares to:

Soweto Comfort Club
Private Bag X900
Bryanston 2021
South Africa

It is important to keep the squares moisture free in a ziploc (plastic) bag, bubble wrap or Tyvek envelopes and to slip in a little note telling what sort of fiber is in the square. This is really important as children who heat or cook with an open flame need the wool blankets as acrylic melts and poses much more of a danger to them. ALL squares are greatly appreciated and used; we just have to be sure that acrylic squares and wool squares are not mixed within a blanket. Please tape your packages/envelopes well. This helps protect them from moisture as well.

Please do not register your parcels or place any dollar value on them. These things lead to higher duty charges.

Please remember that if you can’t afford postage to SA, you can send your squares to me (in the UK or while I’m going through the US these next two months) or to Dawne (in Canada) and we’ll be happy to send them on. Contact us through Ravelry (Zina is GlobalTraveler, and Dawne is JustDawne) for a mailing address, or ask us to contact you through the blog. Zina

From the Knit-A-Square Postal FAQ:

We have to pay minimal duty on most large parcels arriving. However even just a small dollar value on a parcel attracts far higher duties. Letters, parcels/packages and boxes continue to arrive safely in volumes without any registration or dollar values appended to them.

As this is my last KAS post here on Another Long Yarn* I have to say yet again a heartfelt THANK YOU to each and every one of you. Zina and I appreciate your enthusiasm, your time, talent and creativity. It means a lot to us to have been able to introduce new people to the work of Knit-A-Square. Please remember this project has no end date as the number of orphans is unfortunately on the rise. I personally predict that KAS is here to stay. If you’ve knit it or crocheted it, some child in S. Africa will not only need it but love it.

Thank you all once again,

* Unless, of course, we do another KAL for KAS!

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