Friday January 18th 2019

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Custom buttons

8228.button-3.jpg-550x0Today’s Knitting Daily blog entry is on making matching custom buttons for your project, giving directions for the Checkerboard Button.

Which is cute, but they have you make it out of cardboard. Which means you have to take the buttons off the project every time you wash it, or you’ll end up with a soggy, shapeless mess instead of a button.

Might be better to use quilter’s template plastic (perhaps more than one layer), or recycle some thick plastic off some packaging of some sort. You could also use plastic embroidery canvas, though trimming it so there’s no sticky-outy bits would be a bit challenging.

Another option is to purchase perforated disc forms, used for beading pins, rings, and more. (Make sure you get a non-rusting metal, or you’ll still have to take the buttons off your project when you wash it!) They can be found in beading supply stores and allow you to sew through the disc in order to tack the yarn firmly in place if necessary. If you use these, you can also purchase some heavy gauge wire to make the button a metal loop, before you put the yarn on. Perhaps I’ll do a tutorial on that in the future. (Once I’m back where all my beading tools are.)

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  1. I would love a tutorial, and I think making garment buttons from cardboard is a little silly. I wonder what I have in the craft drawers ha might suit. I have some scraps of closed cell foam..

    (Zelda has settled in well, and as soon as I get to it, I will show her modeling a design in progress. I have just the thing in the ufo drawer!)

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