Monday December 17th 2018

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San Francisco

You know, regardless of what else goes on in my life, I’m aware that the city where I was born is always there: my heart hides San Francisco in at least one small corner of it at all times.

This is the view out my study window at the moment. I’ve sublet a lovely flat for the month while the owner is traveling. The flat is filled with art, and also contains a dog named Tashi, a Tibetan Terrier. It’s on the third floor and between the stairs, the hills, and the need to walk Tashi twice every day, I’m already in better shape than I was in when I arrived.

My belongings are all packed into the container and the container is on the ship. Shortly it’ll be on its way over the ocean to the UK. Much as I love being here and being in this city, how I wish I was going with it! I miss my partner; my home now is where he is.

I’ve not really been able to do a lot of knitting, although I hope that’s going to change very soon. I have a couple of samples to get done for the lovely little wool shop down the street from our cozy little house in Cambridgeshire, and another Ishbel, this one for me, me, me.

I so enjoy being back where my sisters are. And it’s fun to have my own place near them, as well, because now we can visit!

There’s been a lot of talk recently about politics on my Facebook pages and on my friends’ FB pages. I have friends around the world on the political spectrum from extreme Left (the actual Left, not what American conservatives call the extreme Left, which another of my friends says is actually the moderate Left), to pretty damn far Right. I’ve pitched in a lot myself. Politics is interesting, and I do love lots of vigorous discussion, but I do wish people would stop believing in politics like other people believe in religion. Political theories are interesting, but people who believe that other political theories are more useful than one’s own aren’t actually evil.

Parking in SF is the usual thing: I’ve just sat and watched two policemen getting a car ready to be towed, then watched the tow truck come and take it away. In the city, you have to be very careful where you park, as some spaces are marked rather, um, unclearly as to when you can park there and when you can’t. (My own car was towed a while back, because the signs were not all on the same pole, as is usual, and I didn’t see that there was a sign that trumped the other signs. That was a rather expensive shock.) Whenever I see something like that happen, I feel so sorry for the owner of the car. Perhaps they’re going through a really hard time right now, and don’t have energy left to think about their car, or perhaps they were called away for a family emergency, too fast to be able to worry about their car, or perhaps they were in an accident and are in a hospital somewhere. Who knows? A fanciful thought, perhaps, but I still hope the best for whoever they are anyway.

Right, have to go walk the dog, move the car into another space now that the no parking period on the street is over, and get ready to go get some coffee with one sister before dinner with the other.

So, once more, apologies for the rather sporadic posts. Things are sort of getting back to normal, whatever that is these days.

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  1. Dawne says:

    Sounds like you have found a nice flat with a bonus dog to rent. Being close to family has to be a big plus.

    Too bad you haven’t been knitting much. Have you been able to enjoy LYS patronage while in San Francisco?

    Careful where you park!

  2. I lived about 90 minutes from San Fransisco in the early 90′s it was one of my favorite cities to visit. I can still taste my first raw oyster I had on Fisherman’s Wharf. Like the essence of the sea.

    • Zina says:

      I can never decide…do I love SF so much because I was born here? Or is it because it’s just plain a great place? Possibly both. :)

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