Friday January 18th 2019

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Knitting and the Political Landscape

Quiet Revolution: Knitting and the Political Landscape

Knitting as political art! The University of Minnesota is offering a week long course featuring experimentation in using knitting in unconventional ways to make your political point. Could be really interesting!

Starts Sunday, June 13, and ends Friday, June 18 on the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities campus.


Instructor: Adrienne Sloane

Within the framework of its recent renaissance, knitting has been widely used not only as a creative medium, but also as a form of political art. If you are interested in experimenting with non-traditional materials, using knit in unconventional ways, and exploring sculptural knitting as an expressive art form, this workshop is for you!

All Split Rock offerings foster hands-on learning and allow for significant one-to-one contact between participant and instructor. Workshops/retreats may be taken for undergraduate or graduate credit. On-site accommodations and scholarships are available; scholarship deadline is April 19.

More information at the Split Rock Arts Program Web site:

or the workshop listings page:
(Scroll down to the Quiet Revolution listing.)

You can also e-mail Split Rock at, or call us at 612-625-1976.

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3 Responses to “Knitting and the Political Landscape”

  1. Kathy says:


    First let me say I love the look of your blog. It’s truly got a unique style and colorful layout.

    I’m a politics hound myself and really wish I could find a course like this around my neck of the woods. Knitting is so much a part of our culture it makes sense that there would be political threads woven in as well.

    Best to you and keep up the great writing and knitting!

  2. [...] even going to be a class this June at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities campus called Quiet Revolution: Knitting and the Political Landscape.  It’s only a week long, but still, it’s an acknowledgement of what I’ve just [...]

  3. buy csgo says:

    Love the site– very user friendly and great deals to see!

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