Monday December 17th 2018

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More traveling.

Okay, it’s really hard to keep the blog up to date when I’m not knitting and while I’m traveling, mainly because I haven’t had time to knit. At all. This is very aggravating, but my mantra is: “family and friends, more important. family, friends, more important. No, really, family and friends really are more important than knitting.”

And no one pays me to blog, I hate to say it, but it’s true. Right now, getting my stuff together and saying goodbye to my country of birth for a couple of years is taking precedence. However, this is about to change.

Some updates:

  • The Colinette summer scarf in Jay is nearly done. Just a few more rows. If I can ever get knitting time in. Then I just have to finish a prototype scarf (very Emo), my sister’s lace jacket, and … well, a few more other projects.
  • I have the materials for the copy of the crocheted skirt, but have been unable to find a small enough hook for the thread. I found the very skirt I wanted to copy at a Marshall’s. If only it was a little longer, a little less weird apricot colored. So I still have to copy it. And make it longer. And not in weird apricot.
  • Tomorrow, I’m driving from Colorado to Montana. Back on the road. The good thing about that is that I might even get more knitting time in, as there won’t be quite as many calls on my time. I think.
  • I have a cunning plan, and it’s actually underway. You know all those patterns I keep saying I’m going to put up for free on the blog? Patience. I hope to have them up soon, as part of that cunning plan. The cunning plan involves work, though. As in, a business.

And now, I need to go pack.

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2 Responses to “More traveling.”

  1. Robynn says:

    Ooh you tease. ;-)

  2. Zina says:

    It would have been even better if I’d not left my power supply for the MacBook in Denver. Dead computer. *sigh* I have just gotten the brick back in my hot little paws, this very evening. Expect posts tomorrow. :)

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