Saturday December 15th 2018

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A Summer beauty

I don’t often go for the Caron free patterns. Usually they’re just not something or other for me, whether that it’s not quite stylish enough, or not quite flattering enough, or not quite whatever.

However, this week they’re featuring a Kristin Omdahl pattern called the Equinox top. It rings all the right changes: not too much yarn involved (it features Caron Spa, a bamboo rayon/acrylic mix with lots of drape), so it’s a fairly inexpensive knit, a pretty lacey stitch pattern, top down (just got a note from the designer; you join at the end of Round 1), and…well, it’s just plain pretty.

The sleeves are perfect for someone like me — I’ll probably lengthen them just a touch to help cover up more of that problematic upper arm area. They’re loose, not tight! I might also lengthen the thing a bit so it won’t show off the unlovely area at the top of the jeans…

And it’s free. Woot! The only way it could get any better is if I could magically get it done in a couple of days…

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