Friday January 18th 2019

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A short break

Okay, don’t expect to see much of me for a couple of weeks, all. I’ve got my visa! Yay! So now I’m getting my business affairs in order, my personal affairs in order, sending out the last few boxes of my stuff out to the UK, and readying myself to immigrate.

Cross your fingers for me! I’m hoping that the process goes smoothly. I’m headed home to California yet again, this time to meet up with my business partner, although I’ll also see my sisters again before leaving. Then back home to Colorado and then…back home to Cambridgeshire.

It’s the life of the expat. You’re happy to be going back home, but are also sad to be leaving home, even though you’ve been home the whole time.

I’ve started up another blog, Hearth, to show my friends and family our new flat as we turn it into our new home. Our landlady is trying to sell our sweet, cozy little house, so when the new flat came onto the market, we grabbed on for dear life. So, after all this packing, I’m going to get home and…yup, pack and move.

It’s an enormous place, and we have…hmm…I think ONE piano bench to our name, plus quite a bit of stash, books, and my craft stuff. And we’re hoping to only stay in the new flat for up to two years, is the plan right now, so we don’t want to end up with too much stuff…but we also are both too fussy to want to live hand to mouth, and we both like to feel proud of our place.

So stylish creativity will be king in the new flat for a while. Come visit the blog if you’re interested. I’d love to get new ideas for the flat from you, too!

And now…packing the last boxes, with the stuff I don’t think I’ll need for the last week I’m here. Will I ever be done with packing and moving things? I’ve gotten so much done today, but I’m so tired now I’m dizzy and slightly nauseous! Almost done with what I’ve got so far, so I think I’ll go to bed soon and hopefully arise with new energy.

I’ll check in when I can — see you all soon!

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6 Responses to “A short break”

  1. Robynn says:

    Oh I know how you feel, I really do… expat living. It’s what we choose, but, ugh. And the temporariness. And all that. *sigh*

    Welcome back home!

    • Zina says:

      When I was in Wyoming, I was getting my luggage out to the car as I was leaving, looked at my friend Will, and blurted out, “OMG, I’m so tired of being homeless!”

      Which struck me afterwards was a weird thing to say, because it’s not that I’m homeless at all, really, it’s actually that I almost have too many homes…but the net effect is actually to feel homeless.

      Strange, very strange!

  2. Kathy says:

    Soooo jealous! I would give up everything but my children to move to England. And if I could make some kind of simple living working with yarn, my life would truly be perfect! I hope your move goes seamlessly.

    • Zina says:

      Thanks, Kathy! I hope it does too. Though I’m not sure anymore that there’s such a thing as “simple” living — no matter how simple it is, it always gets complicated at some point or another!

      Which is just as well, I suppose, or I’d be a fifty year old with the maturity level of a 13 year old. I don’t like it, but it’s always the painful stuff that’s made me grow up at all…

      But hey, if your dream is to move to England, or Timbuktu…go for it! Sometimes I look around my life and think…”um…is this me? Am I actually here, and how did that happen?” But when I look back, I realize that I in fact did make all those decisions that led me to where I am. I’ve no idea where it’ll be next, but it’ll be fun to find out!

  3. I will be thinking about you! When I used to travel a bit, it seemed each place that touched my heart became part of ‘home’ I still miss Nara, Japan once in a while and it has been decades since I saw it last.
    Gonna check out Hearth, too.

    • Zina says:

      I’m done with all the moving! Now I have to unpack it all. Once that’s done (there’s quite a pile of boxes still in the hallway), then I send for the pallet of boxes currently in storage, and unpack that. But I hope to be back with ALY long before that! (Like, say, the middle of this week.)

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