Friday January 18th 2019

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Every day is Mandela Day for Knit-A-Square

by Contributor JustDawne

Hello again, readers of Another Long Yarn!

It’s been a few months since our KAL for Knit-A-Square and the creation of over 180+ squares for the orphaned and vulnerable children of South Africa. Squares are always needed so please feel free to keep them coming! (Postage info. can be found here.)

A special thanks to dear Zina for giving me the chance to share some exciting news on behalf of Knit-A-Square.

Knit-A-Square’s own Ronda Lowrie was featured as part of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s Mandela Day coverage. (If you are not familiar with Mandela Day you may want to read a blog post I wrote on All for Orphans.)

Not only did Ronda have a chance to speak about Knit-A-Square, informing the world that every day is Mandela Day for Knit-A-Square, but the video shows volunteers sorting and assembling squares from all over the world. It’s a touching story as it shows a range of the human experience; the joy and hopefulness of the global outpouring and tireless efforts of the local volunteers against a backdrop of footage shot in the shack settlement of Diepsloot. While there is clearly much work to do we can take heart in knowing we are doing this work together.

In a nutshell: the video is Not.To.Be.Missed. But maybe I’m biased, eh? It’s a short video. Why not view it for yourself and share your reaction in the comment section below?

If the video speaks to you and touches your heart, please share with your friends and family and spread the link through social media such as Twitter and Facebook.

Thank you to each and every Knit-A-Square supporter for making every day Mandela Day. Whether you are able to knit/crochet squares or have chosen to support the children with a small, monthly donation, please know that your contributions, like a stone cast in still water, have measurable effects. Together we are making a difference this winter to vulnerable children in South Africa.

You can join me at All for Orphans, the blog of KAS co-founder Sandy McDonald. I’ve been guest blogging there to help share KAS news and reflect on the issues concerning the orphaned and vulnerable children of South Africa.

A special thank you to Zina for all of her continued support of Knit-A-Square and for allowing me a slightly shameful opportunity for self-promotion- (oh please! it’s not promoting yourself at all, Dawne! Totally worthy cause! I’d be embarrassed NOT to support this! - editor) an opportunity to keep publicizing an important effort. But, hey! It’s for the children! 1.4 million of them and counting.

Wishing you each the best until we meet again in cyberspace,

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