Friday January 18th 2019

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Quick Tip: Sl St edges

A very common edge “for neatness” is to slip the last stitch of every row. This creates a stitch that’s basically two rows tall and quite vertical, with the two “legs” of the stitch sitting neatly beside each other.

This “slip the edge” thing used to mystify me. I knew other people could get it to look really nice, but it seemed like I never could, and I couldn’t figure out why.

I tried slipping as if to knit. I tried slipping as if to purl. Nope. Still didn’t look right. Finally, Kristeen Griffin-Grimes of French Girl Knits stepped in with that little tidbit of info that made all the difference.

There’s two things you have to know to slip edges so they look their neatest and prettiest:

  1. Always knit up to the last stitch, and then bring the yarn forward as if to purl.
  2. Always slip the last stitch as if to knit.

I thought I’d  give the info, in case someone else is as mystified by the whole “slip the last stitch” thing as I was.

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