Saturday December 15th 2018

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Fastest Christmas Gift Scarf Ever

Okay, maybe not ever, but it’s got to be darn close.

Get yourself some very chunky or bulky yarn. 6mm/size 10 needles or up.  For best results, find something with longish color changes and great color combos, but plain colors — especially so-called “masculine” colors are just as attractive in this pattern. Softness a plus.

Get thee hence to The Purl Bee’s Brioche Stitch Scarf pattern. (It’s free.) Cast on in multiples of two — I’m currently working in Brett’s Marble Chunky on 6mm needles, in a marled colorway of three or four browns, and I cast on 20, and I probably could have gotten away with 18, but this stitch pattern is very fluid and squishy, so I thought 20 would be better.

Marvel at how fast this scarf flies by.

Slightly fancier than just a plain rib, but just as easy, if not easier. Easy, easy, easy. Fast, fast, fast.

That is all.

P.S. No, it’s not all — it occurred to me that I definitely should have cast on 18 instead, so the scarf was symmetrical, rather asymmetrical… Next time, I will, and am thinking of finding an even more bulky yarn to do it in.

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  1. Brioche grows about half as fast as stockinette or ribbing, though, (each ‘row’ takes two passes across the scarf) so I would choose my “Easiest Farrow Rib Scarf” instead. cast on a multiple of 3, *k2, p1* every row (unless you want to add a slipped stitch at the edge, in which case adjust for your preference).

    Bulky yarn makes it super fasty quick.

    • Zina says:

      Aha — the Easiest Farrow Rib is good! Thanks for that, I love ribbing’s extremely textural feel and look, but do not love the stiffness of most of them.

      This particular “Brioche” rib, however, is not real Brioche stitch — it’s one of the mock variants. It involves slipping and YOs, rather than knitting into stitches below, so it’s lighter, less dense, more supple (for a given definition of “supple”), more squishy and waaaaaay more fast! 20 stitches has never gone by so fast.

      I am planning a Brioche scowl for myself out of Katia’s Azteca, I love the colorway and the long color changes, but it’ll have to wait til after the Christmas knitting is done.

      I’m so glad to be back on the blog and therefore in touch with you again, Diana — I’ve been complete crap about keeping in touch with people, even though I’m regularly on FB. My next step in my cunning plan is to start reading blogs again, and yours will be the first on the list!

      • Is that like in the new Knitting Brioche book by Nancy Marchant?
        One row you drape the yarn over the top of the needle, slip the next stitch, then knit a stitch, then the next row, you slip the sts you knit (with a new drape) and knit the slipped sts together with the drapes.
        Yarn over, as opposed to yarn around needle.

        In the US, YO means yarn taken over the needle to the back,or the full wrap when a purl stitch follows.

        • Zina says:

          Yes, sounds like the same one, it’s this:

          “Row 1: K2, *yo, sl1, K1, repeat from * to last two stitches, K1, sl1.

          “Row 2: K2, *yo, sl1, K2tog, repeat from * to last two stitches, K1, sl1. When you K2tog, you are knitting the preceding slipped stitch (sl1) together with the yarn over (yo) of the previous row.”

          Does Marchant give a name to the stitch? I’d never seen it before this, but it’s obviously a variant of the “try and look like Brioche without using up as much yarn” stitches…mind you, I haven’t been looking very hard! I haven’t looked in any of the stitch dictionaries just behind me, even…

          On the one hand, it doesn’t physically build as fast as st st or what have you, because of the slipped stitches, but on the other hand, it makes up for it in speed because of all the slipped stitches and the YOs – there’s only one knitted stitch in the repeat of 2. So it builds very quickly despite the slips.

          Mind you, still not as fast as just plain garter stitch, but how many garter stitch scarves can your friends and family wear? :) Well, and selfishly, I think I’d go mad somewhere during the second one…

        • Zina says:

          Hey, Diana, see my latest Tangled Skein post for more on the Brioche Stitch puzzle! :)

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