Monday January 21st 2019

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Life is what happens…

…while you’re making other plans.

Well, you’ve probably noticed that, after saying I was back…I wasn’t back. Life indeed threw a spanner into the works, and I’m currently back in the States, dealing with family medical situations, business situations, etc. I’ll be returning to the UK, my loving and loved partner J, and my beloved nest/stash (*sob*), hopefully in April or June, once everything is all taken care of, at least as much as any of those things will be able to be taken care of.

I am ashamed to admit it, but one of the first thoughts after all of this sunk in and I realized I needed to get back to the States for a few months was, “but…but…but…my workshop is almost done!”

Kind people keep asking if the stress is too much, but to be honest, all of the stress I’m dealing with isn’t mine, it’s all other peoples, and any stress on my part is mainly that I can’t wave some kind of magic wand and make their stresses disappear.

More happily, things have now let up a bit, and I can start posting again, hooray. :) I have a short term rental apartment, which is very cute, and a good size for what I need right now. And it’s good that were going into the Chinese New Year celebrations with things looking up for our families…even though I’m sad not to be at home with my partner and my stash. Um. In that order, of course. Of course. :)

I brought several projects (as in, a small yarn stash) with me, I have a few patterns to write, etc. (To demonstrate and further the recent state of things, however, all of them have been put on hold while I’m knitting a lap blanket for my friend T, who suffered a bad stroke recently, which is a small lap-size blanket of Mason Dixon’s Moderne pattern. I’m hoping to finish that ASAP.)

The first pattern will be for a scarf that I designed for one of J’s brothers-in-law, both of whom have been extraordinarily helpful moving things about for us while we were moving households (twice) last year. I say “designed” rather than just designed because scarves tend to be a stitch pattern repeated a few times, and, yes, I know that’s still designing, but I feel something of a fraud doing something so simple. Urm. Moving along. Here’s a pic:

I hope to get the pattern done as soon as the Moderne blanket for T is done. It’ll be available here as soon as it’s done.

I’m also struggling with the iPad apps for posting in WordPress. In a word, it sucks. Sorry for any lack of pictures and apostrophes, etc., as I am currently trying to get it to do what it’s supposed to do.

Anyway, I’m glad to be back. Again. Cross your fingers that more life interruptus doesnt happen any time soon.

And…gung hay fat choy! (Happy New Year!)

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10 Responses to “Life is what happens…”

  1. Happy new year to you, too. :-}
    Hope things keep sailing smoothly, and I like the scarf pattern! Is it reversible?

  2. Robynn says:

    Ugh, I’m so sorry to hear about your stresses and woes. The scarf, however, looks truly
    fabulous. (I know what you mean about feeling that scarves aren’t “real” designing – but this looks totally designed.)

    • Zina says:

      Ta, my dear. (My wifi access has been rather spotty — sometimes I have it, and sometimes I don’t, so sorry it’s taken so long to get back to you!) I’ve got several posts in mind to write, just have to find time to do them…and that blanket is nearly done now!

  3. Dawne says:

    I hear you about the magic wand. Somethings are easier to go through than to watch/observe. It’s the powerlessness of it all that can get to me.

    The scarf looks great. That grey is just perfect.

  4. Just popping in to let you know I’m thinking about you and hope things are well. :-}

  5. Still thinking about you, and Zelda the Dress dummy has been a God/dess send this year. My feet have finally given up and Zelda has been very patient about me scooting around her in the chair checking fit and posing for photos.

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