Monday December 17th 2018

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Knitting in Color

sandiasmallNanette Blanchard’s blog, Knitting in Color, explains a great deal about stranded color work. If you’ve been wanting to get intarsia into your toolbox of techniques, if floats drive you mad, if knitting with three or more colors makes you suddenly feel like you’re all thumbs, check out Knitting in Color.

Three posts to get you started on basic intarsia knitting: Intarsia Part 1, Intarsia Part 2, and Intarsia (surprise!) Part 3. Even if intarsia makes you feel like running screaming into the wilderness, you should take a look, as many of her tips and techniques will make a lot of things easier in all the rest of your knitting, even if you never intend to ever ever ever knit in anything but one color.

(But, pssst — try intarsia and fair isle anyway. Working in color is heaps of fun!)

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