Wednesday May 23rd 2018

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KIP: Dún Chaoin


Lovely day today! In Ireland, when the sun shines, everyone drops everything and heads out into the day.

Grabbed the knitting in my little red KnowKnits bag, and headed out onto the Slea Head Drive with my partner John and his sister Mary, who is down from Co. Clare for a few days. We were aimed at the cafe out the other side of Dún Chaoin (in English, Dunquin, or literally the Fort of the Quins), but afterwards decided to take a brief climb up to the standing stone on the little hill next to the beach there.

Na Blascaodaí (the Blasket Islands) are just the other side of the channel there (those are some of the Lesser Blaskets behind me), and it’s amazing/scary to think that people would die on the islands when the weather was so bad that they simply couldn’t get them to the mainland for treatment. When there were finally only 22 people left in 1953, the government moved them off the islands.

If the weather is good tomorrow, Mary and I may go take a boat tour to the Great Blasket.

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