Monday December 17th 2018

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No-gap circular knitting

no gaps!The TechKnitter’s wonderful blog is stuffed full of all kinds of tips, and she has recently begun posting again after a hiatus. Yay!

This particular tip is actually four tips in one: four ways to bind off circular knitting with various results with the infamous gap of the last stitch. The four ways are “the gappy default”, the OK way, the good way, and the excellent way.

Add this to the 3-in-1 TECHjoin, and, as God is your witness, you’ll never have gappy circular knitting again!* (Well, gaps that you don’t want at the beginning and end of your knitting, anyway.)

Okay, okay, I’ll admit that I’m mainly putting this in the blog so I can find the links more easily just for me, but you get to have the easy link too, okay?  :)

*Go rent Gone With The Wind. It’s a classic, dammit.

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