Friday January 18th 2019


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All crafts move the craftsperson to create craft, sometimes following a pattern stitch by stitch, sometimes using it as the basis for something completely their own, sometimes coming up with something new. However you might use these, whether stitch by stitch, to make your own version, simply as the catalyst for something completely your own, I hope you’ll enjoy these patterns!

This isn’t so much a pattern as a rough sketch of how to get where I got cupcakes. I was going for cupcakes that looked like they could be real edible cakes,¬†at a first glance. I finally go this together because we decided to do a Christmas Cupcake Safari here in my hometown, involving both yarn shops and the local beadshop. (Thus references to getting a free liner, etc.) Hope you enjoy making these!


Coming soon: the Poison Coffee Cozy


And a shrug pattern, sooner or later…

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9 Responses to “Patterns”

  1. Tacy says:

    Hey, Global, nice, nice blog. WOW, just reading about your busy childhood and life made me sound like a slower than usual slug.

    I love your blog, and when you get your patterns posted, I plan on trying them.

    Thanks for the info about the blog. Dingle Bay? Is it always that bright and sunny? Looks like here in Western Washington, kinda grey most of the time.

    Gosh, need another grandma? I was born in ’46. I wasn’t a hippie either, gosh darn, I wish I could have another chance at becoming one.


  2. Zina says:

    Oooh, I have SO many things to get done for these pages — patterns (I have three ready to be written) and those design pages.

    Glad to see you here – Dingle IS often quite sunny but this is Ireland! Grey is the default. Anyway, being a hippie is possibly over-rated. :) Talk to you soon!

  3. Tacy says:

    My dh WAS a hippie, grew his own, rode a Harley, had long, long hair, he says it WAS highly overrated, at least what he can remember of it. LOL Think Larry on Dharma and Greg–he’s mister straightlaced now, though.

  4. Zina says:

    Yeah, what good is fun you can’t remember? :)

  5. Love your site Zina. Your life seems fascinating, and so much to keep you busy. Thanks for sharing your crafts and patterns. Thanks for visiting my blog, I’m glad you came by.

    Hugs, Trisha

  6. Zina says:

    Thanks, Trisha, glad you’ve enjoyed it! I suppose my life looks fascinating enough from the outside, but doesn’t everyone’s? :) Having just screamed my way through a day of cleaning and packing and rushing, right now I’d settle for being fascinated with bored… :D

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