Tuesday August 22nd 2017

The Designer's Toolbox

What do you need to know in order to become a good designer of knitwear?

In recent discussions on a designers group on Ravelry, I blithely wrote:

I personally think that if more people understood what skillsets are actually involved in designing and writing knitting patterns, more people would actually become successful at becoming good designers, as they would have an actual path to follow and goals to hit on the way.

In response, designer Janet Szabo of Big Sky Knitting Designs wrote:

When I began designing and self-publishing 13 years ago, I went looking for a “manual of style” for knitting, and was told there wasn’t one. Apparently one was supposed to learn those skills by osmosis or something. It’s why I thought for a long time that designing belonged to the select few, the ones who somehow “got it.”

So then I thought…well, okay, Janet doesn’t need it, but it seems a bit churlish of me to go round talking about what designers need to know…and then not say what those things are.  Okay, self, how about putting your money where your mouth has gone blabbing?

I’ve started writing, and am doing so in public; as each page is being written, I’ll make it available, even in draft form, as tabs found when mousing over the The Designer’s Toolbox button up above.  I’ll be covering design skills, pattern and training material writing skills, and knitting/crochet skills.  I’ll let you know when I think the primer is done!


Good Design: in progress – the principles and elements of design
The Write Stuff: haven’t begun yet – writing patterns and training materials
Tech Talk: haven’t begun yet – do knitwear designers need to be able to knit?

Please feel free to comment, give feedback (good and bad and middling), ask to see more or less or whatever.

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