Friday January 18th 2019

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Every day is Mandela Day for Knit-A-Square »

Every day is Mandela Day for Knit-A-Square

by Contributor JustDawne Hello again, readers of Another Long Yarn! It's been a few months since our KAL for Knit-A-Square and the creation of over 180+ squares for the orphaned and vulnerable children of South Africa. Squares are always needed so please feel free to keep them coming! (Postage info. can be found here.) A special thanks to dear Zina for giving me the chance to share some exciting news on behalf of [...]

A short break »

A short break

Okay, don't expect to see much of me for a couple of weeks, all. I've got my visa! Yay! So now I'm getting my business affairs in order, my personal affairs in order, sending out the last few boxes of my stuff out to the UK, and readying myself to immigrate. Cross your fingers for me! I'm hoping that the process goes smoothly. I'm headed home to California yet again, this time to meet up with my business partner, although [...]

Free baby alligators! »

Free baby alligators!

"They came from the sewers...and now they're coming for your pets. They will also accept chewy candies." Anna of Mochimochi Tiny Perching Pigeons fame has released a new free pattern of tiny little alligators to celebrate the release of her new book, Knitting Mochimochi.  (You can also buy single patterns from her website.) I discovered the joys of knitting little bitty animals last Christmas, when I made a small bat [...]

New book: Modern Top Down Knitting »

New book: Modern Top Down Knitting

The title of this new book, which is now in pre-order at, says it all. "Modern Top-Down Knitting: Sweaters, Dresses, Skirts & Accessories Inspired by the Techniques of Barbara G. Walker" Top down knitting. Barbara G. Walker. Oooh, another book to buy that I just have to buy. Really. I have to buy it. I love top down knitting. And I truly admire (and come close to revere) Barbara Walker. No announcement [...]

Verena Plus Size story »

Verena Plus Size story

Ah, Verena. While I quite enjoy Verena's online store and I really do appreciate being able to purchase the pattern portions of the magazine as a PDF, as a currently size 16/XL woman, sometimes their whole "fashion sized" schtick gets very tiring. They have some lovely patterns, but they have always seemed to have a very parochial viewpoint towards sizing. I nearly laughed my head off reading this week's newletter from [...]

Free PDF of Tips »

Free PDF of Tips

Knitting Daily is offering a very useful little PDF of knitting techniques for free! People often complain that Knitting Daily's blog is nothing but advertising, and yeah, a lot of times, it is, but that doesn't mean that sometimes there aren't some very useful things offered by them. (And their online blog is a useful repository to search if you're having a hard time finding information on a technique.) This little PDF [...]

Today’s Technique: Laugh it up! »

Today’s Technique: Laugh it up!

Over at The Panopticon, Franklin Habit is helping you out with that with his knitterly take on Twilight. Because, c'mon, let's face it, I know this might be a new idea, isn't all about stitching. Just sort of all about stitching. So make sure you take a bit of a break now and again. It's good for you, actually. Good for your eyesight, your posture, your whole body. Get out! Move around! Then come back to the [...]

iPad: a pattern workflow »

iPad: a pattern workflow

Okay, as promised, if a little late. After saying that I hadn't tried iAnnotate, I thought perhaps I should give it a go.  Pricey for an app ($9.99), you can use it to read PDFs if you like, or you can go ahead and use another reader such as GoodReader and then use iAnnotate to mark up your PDF. At this point, I tend to think that it was worth the $10. Why would you use GoodReader as well as iAnnotate? Well, from what [...]

Strasbourg Vest »

Strasbourg Vest

Hmmm. I can't quite decide if I like this one or not. It's an interesting project; another of the free patterns from Caron. (They really are putting together some rather interesting projects these days.) The gathered yoke forms either a v-neck, boat neck, or wide scoop neck, depending on your mood and how tight you gather up the neckline. I've a feeling that this one really needs the loose drape of some form of rayon [...]

Knit Night Cupcakes »

Knit Night Cupcakes

Okay, lots of people have commented on the knitted cupcakes I've made. Here's the inside-out caloric version. Lauren Ulm of Vegan Yum Yum appeared on Martha Stewart with these. Wait, there's more! The tutorial is here, so you can make your very own cupcakes! Go on. You know you have to make them. They'll go over totally well at your nearest knit night!

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