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Short Rows, TechKnitter style! »

Short Rows, TechKnitter style!

By now it's probably obvious that I am a huge and total fan of the TechKnitter. And, ladies and gentlemen, the TechKnitter has just started a series on her blog on short rows. If short rows have always been a bit of an Achilles heel for you and your knitting, or if you want to study up on the things before you get there, or you want to demystify them for yourself, or whatever, the TechKnitter has just begun the series, [...]

KIP: Caffé Florian, Venice, Italy »

KIP: Caffé Florian, Venice, Italy

Swatching. I've been swatching the Superior cashmere/silk, and it's beautiful. It's lovely. It's gorgeous. In fact, it's so all of those things that every lace pattern I've tried on it so far is outclassed. This may in fact turn out to be the first and only stockinette stitch scarf I've ever made. I may knot a fringe on the ends. But so far the only thing I'm happy with is stockinette stitch. One really nice thing about [...]

DellaQ Interchangeable needle case »

DellaQ Interchangeable needle case

I love cases for knitting needles. Especially interchangeable ones, and I'm always on the look out for new ones. Jan over at pointed out a case I hadn't seen before and am now drooling over. DellaQ has brought out a new one: the Que-i Double, which holds TWO sets of interchangeable tips! Tempted. Really, really tempted... I've just bought the new Hiya Hiya interchangeables (and will be doing a review [...]

Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time… »

Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time…

So, today while we were wandering through Venice in order to give me some sense of where things are in the tourist areas (tomorrow we will go see the Cannaregio area, I think), we stopped in at Lellabella near the Menin Square. (I was hoping to find a mohair or kid/silk yarn with a slightly lower price point than Rowan Kidsilk Haze for a design I'm thinking of doing a pattern for.) Unfortunately, they didn't have the [...]

Organic, eco-friendly yarn »

Organic, eco-friendly yarn

People are trying to live a little more lightly on the earth. Changing out your lightbulbs for greener bulbs can have an enormous impact on your power bill and the call for power in your community. Eating local produce not only supports producers in your area, but lessens the carbon footprint of your household. Bicycling or using mass transit means less use of fossil fuels and pollution of your air (and more calories [...]

Easy being green (or purple or yellow) »

Easy being green (or purple or yellow)

Have you been wanting to go a bit more green with your knitting? Purlessence in the UK features a special on Nature's Harvest 4-ply yarn. Nature's Harvest uses only natural dyes on this yarn, which means some special treatment is necessary when washing (which Robynn gives on the link), but it's a small price to pay to walk a bit lighter on the earth, right? Especially when that small price is close to 50% off (regularly [...]

Quick Tip: Christa Giles’s YO increase »

Quick Tip: Christa Giles’s YO increase

In a Rav thread this afternoon, designer Christa Giles wrote about one of her favorite increases: YO, knit in the back of the YO on the next row. Lightweight, and as an extra plus, easy. I'd never thought of that, because somewhere in my little walnut brain I have just always thought eyelets when I think increases by yarnover, but now that Christa has mentioned it, I'm wondering why the heck I never did think of it. One of [...]

Quick Tip: Quick but impressive projects »

Quick Tip: Quick but impressive projects

Maybe you need a quick present that you really want to look nice, but you don't have a lot of time to make it in. And, did I say you really want it to look nice? Impressive even, perhaps? (Now, this is not a tip about how to find a pattern; I'm assuming you can get onto Ravelry or a pattern site all by your smart little self and find that. No, this is about how to make that fast, quick project look really fabulous and much [...]

Quick Tip: Bread Tab Recycles »

Quick Tip: Bread Tab Recycles

Planet Green's Top Nine Things To Do with the plastic tab off of your bread wrappers, plus one very important knitterly use. 10. Martha Stewart recommends bread tabs for labeling electrical cords with the aid of your handy dandy permanent marker. 9. Stick the end of the tape roll to a bread tab and never have to search and destroy the first 1/4" of tape trying to find it again. 8. Poker chips. (Permanent [...]

Quick Tip: Picking up sts »

Quick Tip: Picking up sts

When picking up for sleeves, collars, or what have you, pick up stitches in every space. Count the stitches on your needles. Subtract the number of stitches you have from the number of stitches needed. Figure out how many stitches you need to decrease, and decrease evenly in the first row. (If picking up for a sleeve, you might wish to consider decreasing under the arm along an imaginary seamline for the first few rows, to [...]

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