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iPad. *swoon* »

iPad. *swoon*

Well, after much dithering, I got an iPad. Top of the line, pots of memory, 3G. Yes, yes, as a matter of fact, I love it. For a lot of reasons, but this is a knitting blog, so I'm just going to talk (mainly) about the knitting stuff. However, let me start off by saying that when they first announced this device, I, like many others, thought, "yeah right, it's just an iPhone with a glandular problem and no actual [...]

Gorgeous shrug, free pattern! »

Gorgeous shrug, free pattern!

Gorgeous free pattern source alert! One of my very favorite LYSs is Loop, in London. It's no longer (*sob*) my local, but I still shop there online, and whenever I'm in London, I drop in to squish the beautiful yarns and chat with Susan's lovely staff (when they're not too busy rushing about helping customers, which is the more normal default state). Loop is moving to a new building just steps away from Angel station [...]

More traveling. »

More traveling.

Okay, it's really hard to keep the blog up to date when I'm not knitting and while I'm traveling, mainly because I haven't had time to knit. At all. This is very aggravating, but my mantra is: "family and friends, more important. family, friends, more important. No, really, family and friends really are more important than knitting." And no one pays me to blog, I hate to say it, but it's true. Right now, getting my stuff [...]

Update…about time. »

Update…about time.

Okay, I know almost every blogger says this so often, so pardon if this bores: so I haven't gotten back to a regular posting schedule, obviously. Sorry...! So. Things go apace. Working on the green beaded Artyarns jacket. (Pictures to follow later.) The trouble with this is that I need to be able to concentrate to work on this, and that hasn't been something I've been able to do for a bit. So I've got about half the [...]

Knitting and the Political Landscape »

Knitting and the Political Landscape

Quiet Revolution: Knitting and the Political Landscape Knitting as political art! The University of Minnesota is offering a week long course featuring experimentation in using knitting in unconventional ways to make your political point. Could be really interesting! Starts Sunday, June 13, and ends Friday, June 18 on the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities campus. Description Instructor: Adrienne Sloane Within [...]

A is for Alphabet »

A is for Alphabet

The new Twist Collective has been out for a bit, and I've been enjoying the patterns. But today I found the article on Susette Newberry, a knitting librarian who has been working on a knitted abecedarium and blogging about her efforts with wonderful essays on her subject letter. Fascinating reading though Newberry's blog is, I was also delighted to find her We Call Them Ampersands hat (Rav link), a perfect gift for the [...]

Vogue Knitting: Kitchener and beyond »

Vogue Knitting: Kitchener and beyond

The Spring/Summer 2010 VogueKnitting includes a tutorial on Kitchener stitch...and beyond. Joni Coniglio takes the knitter through all the basic steps of grafting with Kitchener stitch, plus introducing the knitter to grafting by chart, and also grafting any combination of knit and purl stitches, allowing grafting of colorwork, cables, textured stitches, etc. Very interesting, and a different take on a subject that [...]

WIPs or about to be »

WIPs or about to be

One of my sisters is always feeling hot. Not too many knitted things for her, I'm afraid, although she did ask for a few coffee cup cozies for her birthday last year. The other sister is a Latin ballroom competitive dancer -- zero body fat, and she's always cold. ANYthing knitted is great for her. The two of us went into ImagiKnit the other day and came out with a lot of yarn that she wants made into things. The first [...]

San Francisco »

San Francisco

You know, regardless of what else goes on in my life, I'm aware that the city where I was born is always there: my heart hides San Francisco in at least one small corner of it at all times. This is the view out my study window at the moment. I've sublet a lovely flat for the month while the owner is traveling. The flat is filled with art, and also contains a dog named Tashi, a Tibetan Terrier. It's on the third floor and [...]

Fixing loose columns of stitches »

Fixing loose columns of stitches

Yay, TechKnitter! Continuing on with her series of posts on how to fix uneven knitting, Post #3 is on fixing those loose columns of stitches you often get in ribbing or cables when you're moving from knit to purl in the stitch pattern. I've still been working on getting this done properly as I knit, as I'm not crazy about re-knitting things as a fix. ("Aw, c'mon, I already knit that!") My favorite at first read is [...]

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