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Jogless Stripes, Meg Swanson style »

Jogless Stripes, Meg Swanson style

In his March 1st post, Franklin Habit writes about his struggle to get his Looking Glass socks looking just the way he wants them to, and that a big part of this was getting all those stripes to look right. There's some nice shots of the jogless jogs on the post. Here's his inside shot of the stripes: He recommends Meg Swanson's book, Hand Knitting with Meg Swanson, for this method. (Meg Swanson is Elizabeth Zimmerman's [...]

Custom buttons »

Custom buttons

Today's Knitting Daily blog entry is on making matching custom buttons for your project, giving directions for the Checkerboard Button. Which is cute, but they have you make it out of cardboard. Which means you have to take the buttons off the project every time you wash it, or you'll end up with a soggy, shapeless mess instead of a button. Might be better to use quilter's template plastic (perhaps more than one layer), [...]

Fabric Care Tags »

Fabric Care Tags

Okay, I hate putting the label of the yarn skein in with a present. At least three times now, the giftee has held it out without looking at it, thinking I left it in by accident. But they need to know how to take care of it! Fine. Next knitted present gets one of these, available at Purlescence (of course) in the UK. I mean, look how cute! And how practical! Robynn's description: The reverse has space for fibre [...]

QuickTip: match cast-on to bind-off »

QuickTip: match cast-on to bind-off

One thing that can really make a subtle but definite difference in how your project may look is that sometimes you really want the cast-on and bind-off to match. But which cast-on to use? Which bind-off? Here's how you can do it without hardly a thought! Use a crocheted provisional cast-on, whether you like to crochet a long chain and pick up and knit through the bumps in the back of the chain, or whether you like to [...]

Knitwear Design Workshop »

Knitwear Design Workshop

Okay, the first time I saw this at a truly lovely LYS, I swore I'd buy it as soon as I'd saved up a bit. I paged through it carefully, fascinated. There was so much information! And the patterns Paden gives as examples of her working process were...were...were gorgeous! I could just tell, if I made even the swatches for the those patterns, I'd learn a ton...and if I actually made something...  Well. It's not for everybody [...]

One week to go! »

One week to go!

by Contributor JustDawne Raise your hand if you've enjoyed knitting for Knit-A-Square? I thought so! Our gallery wouldn't be filled with such beautiful squares otherwise. (A pat on the back for us all as we have more than tripled our initial goal!!) In this last week of our KAL I thought I'd take a moment and put some postages dos and don'ts here to help y'all out. Please, please, please put "NO COMMERCIAL VALUE. FOR [...]

Really tough (and stealthy) DPNs »

Really tough (and stealthy) DPNs

One of the things interesting to every knitter I know who makes socks and other tubey kind of things using DPNs is the merits of all the DPNs out there, especially whether they break easily or not -- and even more especially when they're the tiny sizes. Here's DPNs made of, ready for this?, the same material as a Blackbird Stealth Jet's outer skin. (I'm thinking breaking shouldn't be too big of a problem with these.) The [...]

Pins (and more) by Romi »

Pins (and more) by Romi

Okay, fine, I admit it: I have a weakness for shiny objects. Case in point, these lovely, feather-light shawl pins by Romi, offered by Purlesence in the UK. I especially love the penambular pin on the right. Designer Rosemary Hill offers many lovely pins of other designs besides these. Another fav is this beautiful sterling silver pin. It simply twists into the knit, with no rough edges to snag and no pieces to [...]

Interweave Knits: Kitchener Stitch tutorials »

Interweave Knits: Kitchener Stitch tutorials

One of my favorite knitting resources/blogs, the TECHknitter blog, is touting her article in the Spring 2010 Interweave Knits, currently on the newstands. It's an article on Kitchener Stitch (grafting), in depth. As the TECHknitter herself explains: "Specifically, article shows how to use a tapestry needle to Kitchener stitch any fabric according to a formula, whether garter stitch, stockinette, reverse stockinette. In [...]

QuickTip: picking up purl stitches »

QuickTip: picking up purl stitches

One of the easiest things to do in knitting is to pick up or correct stitches a few rows (or more) of knitting back by using a crochet hook. It's also one of the most intimidating things for a new knitter to learn. It all looks so complicated and scary, and what if you can't pick it back up? If I drop the stitches down where I missed a stitch, will the entire garment blow up in my face or fall to pieces? This QT is one of [...]

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