Monday January 21st 2019

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DIY: Blocking Wires »

DIY: Blocking Wires

Okay, blocking with pins can be rather relaxing and meditative, but frankly? usually it's kind of a pain in the butt. You need lots of the pins. That's "lots" as in "hundreds of the pesky little things." Depending upon the size of your project, you might also end up with a sore back from bending over the blocking. You have to keep measuring back and forth to make sure you have everything as symmetrical as knitting ever gets, [...]

Entrelac tee »

Entrelac tee

A very interesting post today in the Knitting Daily Blog, in a guest blogger appearance by Eunny Jang. The garment is Tram Nguyen's Betty's Tee, from the Spring 2010 Interweave Knits. I don't often buy this magazine, as I don't have a lot of room for magazines; I tend to buy single patterns instead off the Interweave website. But I might get this one anyway just for this garment. I've been wanting to try entrelac anyway, [...]

A Haapsalu Shawl Of One’s Own »

A Haapsalu Shawl Of One’s Own

I've just bought three books, one right after the other. (Well, I say three. It's actually more like, um, nine.) The first one was the booklet Made In Brooklyn by Jared Flood, to support Classic Elite Yarns. And I bought this for specifically two different patterns: One thing, as they say, leads to another. I really do intend to do Willoughby, the stole on the left, and have for quite some time. But a purchase of [...]

Prize Pack! (and no new posts for a week) »

Prize Pack! (and no new posts for a week)

Well, at long last, here it is! I've managed to finally finish up all the projects I had hanging fire since Christmas, but of course the important one right now is the prize for our Contest and KAL for Knit A Square. So here it is: Included is a ginormous knitting satchel in a sturdy blue and white brocade pattern canvas, with a snaps-open-snaps-shut frame that keeps everything in place, even if the bag tips [...]

It can only be love »

It can only be love

by Contributor JustDawne Where has January gone? It seemed to pass very quickly. I hope it was a good month for everyone. It is February and I once again find myself  reflecting on the notion of Love. I rather think my former profs would be much delighted to learn that I am still 'thinking... a lot' on the larger questions of life. Perhaps René Descartes said it best? "I think therefore I am." Now that I am [...]

Solving Uneven St St »

Solving Uneven St St

Gosh. I love the TechKnitter. In the fight to make your knitting look hand-made instead of home-made, the TechKnitting blog is a fabulous weapon of mass destruction on your bad knitting habits. Two posts to study: Rowing out (uneven rows in stockinette stitch) and uneven columns (uneven columns in stockinette stitch). Uneven rows make your knitting look like this: And uneven columns make the knitting look like [...]

Knitted Jewelry Redux: soft side »

Knitted Jewelry Redux: soft side

I do love the thought of knitted jewelry. Here's a site that's totally inspiring, at least for a certain kind of look and that has been giving me some ideas to bat about inside the head. Shadowplay is Heather Goldberg's baby -- each one of a kind piece may take her days to complete, and she's put out two collections since November. And look at this oh so clever way to deal with changing the yarn: Kewl. Yarn. [...]

Rosewood. Interchangeable. Want. »

Rosewood. Interchangeable. Want.

Yes, I want them. And I don't even LIKE knitting on wood needles. So I'm going to be good. I think. The evil lovely Robynn of Purlesence is up to her usual tricks, dammit of course. She doesn't even have them in stock yet, but is still danging them, tantalizingly and temptingly and all those other words beginning with "T", before us. Here they are: Colonial's interchangeable needle set. Rosewood. Yup, rosewood. [...]

A week in review »

A week in review

Whew! I'm trying to get ready for a three month trip to the States to mothball up my life there, get a lot of business matters settled and started up. This last week was the first of my two weeks to get everything done. So for the first time in the two years I've been traveling, I broke out my calendar program and started making lists again. I can still do it. I can still get things done in a timely manner. I can still [...]

Wiggin’ Out »

Wiggin’ Out

How many times have you struggled with blocking a hat properly? I'm a big believer in the right tools for the right job. You wouldn't believe (or maybe you would) what a difference having a wig block can make when doing anything that involves wigs, millinery, or, as a matter of fact, knitted hats. Mind you, what you really want is a hat block, which is a chunk of wood carved into the final shape of each and every single [...]

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