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Quick Gift: Wham Bam Neckwarmer »

Quick Gift: Wham Bam Neckwarmer

I love clever patterns. I especially love clever patterns that take simple, easy shapes and stitches and turn them on their heads to come up with something stylish and timeless. Wham Bam Thank You Lamb! by Susan Chang (free Ravelry download, you’ll need a free Ravelry membership) is one of those patterns; it’s nothing more than a tall strip of bulky garter stitch knitting, but the difference is made in the clever seam [...]

Fastest Christmas Gift Scarf Ever »

Fastest Christmas Gift Scarf Ever

Okay, maybe not ever, but it's got to be darn close. Get yourself some very chunky or bulky yarn. 6mm/size 10 needles or up.  For best results, find something with longish color changes and great color combos, but plain colors -- especially so-called "masculine" colors are just as attractive in this pattern. Softness a plus. Get thee hence to The Purl Bee's Brioche Stitch Scarf pattern. (It's free.) Cast on in [...]

Free baby alligators! »

Free baby alligators!

"They came from the sewers...and now they're coming for your pets. They will also accept chewy candies." Anna of Mochimochi Tiny Perching Pigeons fame has released a new free pattern of tiny little alligators to celebrate the release of her new book, Knitting Mochimochi.  (You can also buy single patterns from her website.) I discovered the joys of knitting little bitty animals last Christmas, when I made a small bat [...]

Gorgeous shrug, free pattern! »

Gorgeous shrug, free pattern!

Gorgeous free pattern source alert! One of my very favorite LYSs is Loop, in London. It's no longer (*sob*) my local, but I still shop there online, and whenever I'm in London, I drop in to squish the beautiful yarns and chat with Susan's lovely staff (when they're not too busy rushing about helping customers, which is the more normal default state). Loop is moving to a new building just steps away from Angel station [...]

Custom buttons »

Custom buttons

Today's Knitting Daily blog entry is on making matching custom buttons for your project, giving directions for the Checkerboard Button. Which is cute, but they have you make it out of cardboard. Which means you have to take the buttons off the project every time you wash it, or you'll end up with a soggy, shapeless mess instead of a button. Might be better to use quilter's template plastic (perhaps more than one layer), [...]

Knitted Jewelry Redux: soft side »

Knitted Jewelry Redux: soft side

I do love the thought of knitted jewelry. Here's a site that's totally inspiring, at least for a certain kind of look and that has been giving me some ideas to bat about inside the head. Shadowplay is Heather Goldberg's baby -- each one of a kind piece may take her days to complete, and she's put out two collections since November. And look at this oh so clever way to deal with changing the yarn: Kewl. Yarn. [...]

Yarn Scraps? »

Yarn Scraps?

We all have 'em. You can't stand to just throw them out. But there's just not enough of them left to really do anything with. Our most precious yarns: once you've finished the project, you often have a little tiny ball left, and you can't bring yourself to, well, throw it out. (Ouch. That hurt.) They might be cashmere, they might be silk, they might be alpaca, or even just a beautiful color or color combination that you [...]

Send me a knit by wire »

Send me a knit by wire

Oooooh. I love sparkly, shiny objects. Weirdly, I love jewelry just as much as my two jewelry-addict sisters. (It's weird, because I don't usually wear much jewelry.) And I love making jewelry. No matter where I am, I always have a jewelry-making kit (beads, wire, crystals, pearls, tools, etc.) with me; it makes present times like birthdays and Christmas so much easier. Along comes some particularly lovely craft kits [...]

Christmas knitting update »

Christmas knitting update

The Christmas knitting projects are well underway. This year all of the women are getting some kind of neckwarmer, because they're fast and, since they're usually only one or two skeins, easy on the budget, even if I'm using luxe yarns. If I choose a bulky, it's even quicker. The four girls on the list (the nieces of my partner) are getting small jackets except for the one niece who is getting a pair of opera length [...]

Quick Gift: Tawashi ‘Candy’ »

Quick Gift: Tawashi ‘Candy’

I was cruising through CraftStylish just now, and ran across these crocheted tawashis. And one of those random connections happened.  It must be because Christmas is approaching. Linda Permann gives instructions for making these little cleaning scrubbies out of cotton. (You could probably find some nylon twine at the local hardware store if you want a slightly more abrasive one for pots and pans, which is closer to how [...]

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