Saturday December 15th 2018

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Quick Tip: Weighing In »

Quick Tip: Weighing In

One of your handiest available tools as a knitter is a digital food scale; the kind you can get in any kitchen gadgets section of any well stocked grocery, department, or other store. You might even already have one in your kitchen. Get the kind that shows weights in various formats; the ones you'll need as a knitter are ounces and grams. (I've seen scales range anywhere from $10 to $50.) Also handy is the kind of scale [...]

QuickTip: match cast-on to bind-off »

QuickTip: match cast-on to bind-off

One thing that can really make a subtle but definite difference in how your project may look is that sometimes you really want the cast-on and bind-off to match. But which cast-on to use? Which bind-off? Here's how you can do it without hardly a thought! Use a crocheted provisional cast-on, whether you like to crochet a long chain and pick up and knit through the bumps in the back of the chain, or whether you like to [...]

QuickTip: picking up purl stitches »

QuickTip: picking up purl stitches

One of the easiest things to do in knitting is to pick up or correct stitches a few rows (or more) of knitting back by using a crochet hook. It's also one of the most intimidating things for a new knitter to learn. It all looks so complicated and scary, and what if you can't pick it back up? If I drop the stitches down where I missed a stitch, will the entire garment blow up in my face or fall to pieces? This QT is one of [...]

Quick Tip: Christa Giles’s YO increase »

Quick Tip: Christa Giles’s YO increase

In a Rav thread this afternoon, designer Christa Giles wrote about one of her favorite increases: YO, knit in the back of the YO on the next row. Lightweight, and as an extra plus, easy. I'd never thought of that, because somewhere in my little walnut brain I have just always thought eyelets when I think increases by yarnover, but now that Christa has mentioned it, I'm wondering why the heck I never did think of it. One of [...]

Quick Tip: Quick but impressive projects »

Quick Tip: Quick but impressive projects

Maybe you need a quick present that you really want to look nice, but you don't have a lot of time to make it in. And, did I say you really want it to look nice? Impressive even, perhaps? (Now, this is not a tip about how to find a pattern; I'm assuming you can get onto Ravelry or a pattern site all by your smart little self and find that. No, this is about how to make that fast, quick project look really fabulous and much [...]

Quick Tip: Bread Tab Recycles »

Quick Tip: Bread Tab Recycles

Planet Green's Top Nine Things To Do with the plastic tab off of your bread wrappers, plus one very important knitterly use. 10. Martha Stewart recommends bread tabs for labeling electrical cords with the aid of your handy dandy permanent marker. 9. Stick the end of the tape roll to a bread tab and never have to search and destroy the first 1/4" of tape trying to find it again. 8. Poker chips. (Permanent [...]

Quick Tip: Picking up sts »

Quick Tip: Picking up sts

When picking up for sleeves, collars, or what have you, pick up stitches in every space. Count the stitches on your needles. Subtract the number of stitches you have from the number of stitches needed. Figure out how many stitches you need to decrease, and decrease evenly in the first row. (If picking up for a sleeve, you might wish to consider decreasing under the arm along an imaginary seamline for the first few rows, to [...]